Zippserv Real Estate Risk Assessment Platform secures 2.5 Cr Seed Funding

Bangalore, May 2, 2017: Zippserv, India’s first real estate risk assessment firm announced that they have closed their Seed Fund round of 2.5 Cr from undisclosed sources. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company will be using these funds for their expansion beginning with Mumbai and Pune in the coming months.

For generations now, buying homes in India has beenriddled with uncertainties and for most first-time home buyers the experiencehas been more exasperating rather than an occasion to cherish. The averageIndian home buyer has hence had to navigate various challenges includinginconsistent and unreliable builder reviews based on hearsay, uncertainty overthe genuineness of property documents, poor quality of construction, lack ofoccupancy certificate, etc.  Zippserv was then founded in an effort to provideunique insights for home buyers to help them make their decision usingtransparent data driven scientific methodologies and the help of unbiasedexperts drawn from various streams of property validation and approval.

Zippserv’s tech enabled platform helps in verifyingthe veracity of ownership papers, validating legal wrangles, encroachmentrelated issues, adherence to bye-laws and quality of construction. Zippservtoday provides a one stop shop to alleviate any concern related to propertypurchase be it both old and new.

ZippServ Co-founder Debashish Hota add,“We are elated with the response that we have received in Bangalore in the past15 months of our operations ever since our launch. This seed fund round willhelp us to scale rapidly to other cities and to also organically expand ourportfolio of services to cater to commercial and industrial segments.”

He further added, “In line with recent governmentinitiatives such as the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) announcement,our vision is also in line with it to bring in more transparency into the realestate sector. In fact our business model has been designed in such a way so asto champion the needs and concerns of home buyers, without any influence fromdevelopers or their patrons.”

ZippServ, a real estate risk assessment platform hadearlier launched a free Google Map-based Risk Assessment Tool ‘ZippservProtect’. Last year when BBMP held the demolition drive to eradicate thelake and storm water drain encroachments, Zippserv made its in house technologyfreely available for Bengalureans who were confused with these suddendevelopments. Today it is being used by hundreds of home buyers, developers,legal professionals, land surveyors and government departments on a dailybasis.

Zippserv was launched in December 2015 by SudeepAnandapuram and Debashish Hota. They conduct over 400 property due-diligencerelated services monthly and to date are estimated to have saved over Rs. 300crores of their customers’ precious earnings.

About ZippServ: ZippServis an online platform providing comprehensive risk assessment for safeguardingreal estate investments. The platform provides the right blend of professionalexpertise for legal & civil engineering due diligence, fraud and forgery detection,and technology to ascertain encroachments and city planning violations – allunder one roof.

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