Youth Congress spread awareness on environment conservation among school children

Bangalore, 19th June 2017: The Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee (KPYCC) celebrated the 47th birthday of the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in a very unique and responsible way. The youth congress members under the leadership of newly elected state youth congress president, Basanagouda Badarli distributed 300 saplings at the Sevabharat Trust Govt. Kannada Tamil Telugu Hr Pry School at Vivek Nagar. The youth congress members encouraged the chidren to treat these saplings / plants as a member of their family and take good care of it. The youth also distributed 500 school kits to children encouraging them to study harder and achieve their goals in life.

Speaking onthe occasion, Mohammed Haris Nalapad, The General Secretary of KYC Bangaloreand director of the N A Haris Foundation said, “The idea of giving a sapling toeach kid is to give them an opportunity to connect with the environment. Whenthe kid begins to nurture the plant, he / she will grow an attachment with itand realize the importance of conserving the environment. We need to build thatbonding between children and the environment right from the start to ensurethat they understand the importance of afforestation”

“Educationand Environment Conservation is the message to the youth and the children andthis is how we plan to celebrate the birthday of our leader” He added.

Commentingon the occasion, Basanagouda Badarli said “While the Youth Congress has alwayssupported and encouraged children to study, we feel there is also a pressingneed to conserve our environment. Our cities and villages have a high rate ofdeforestation and there is a need to conserve the environment. We decided togive these children a new friend, a plant, which they can nurture and take careas their own. If all schools across the state can take up such an initiativethen we will have a much healthier and happier place to live”

The YouthCongress across the state of Karnataka celebrated the birthday of their leaderand congress party vice president – Rahul Gandhi. Education and environment arethe 2 issues that the state youth congress leaders have identified to supportas an immediate cause.

State youthcongress leaders - Manju, Harsha gowda, Lovith, V Harsha and Manju R werepresent

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