Yet another Innovation by KR Puram First Grade College

Bengluru; 12th July 2017. The college is in news once again for yet another innovative and one of a kind achievement for the Installation of incinerator and the sanitary napkin vending machine in the lady’s toilette. This is one among the very few colleges (including pvt. Colleges) in the city to have installed both the machines. In many places and colleges, the sanitary vending machines may be placed but its expensive and rare to have incinerator also. Previously the college was making news for installing solar panels to generate electricity and also for doing environment audit of the college campus. The college has become one of the most sought after government college in and around K.R.Puram, and far of rural areas for quality education. The electrical incinerator manufactured by the Glo life india, is capable of burning the napkins with a 350-degree heat and it can burn 40 napkins at a time. There is a tray below the machine which collects the ash, which in turn can be utilized as manure for the gardens. On the other hand, the vending machine operates manually with the insertion of Rs. 5 coins. After the coin has been placed in the designated place the person has to rotate it clockwise 360 degree after which the pad comes down to the tray provided below. The machine is calibrated to accept all the three types of coins’ circulation in the market. At a time, the machine can be loaded with 40 pads. The whole process is very simple and easy to operate. The college which boasts of having more than 50% of girl students and especially coming from the rural areas is immensely proud to have these facilities to serve these students who remain in college for more than 5 to 6 hours a day. The whole project was coordinated by Lt. Patrick Rajkumar, head of the department of political science& NAAC coordinator in association with few sponsors. The incinerator was sponsored by CISCO in association with the ‘’Youth for Seva’’ and the vending machine was sponsored though Rtn.LathaAmashi, Indranagar rotary international, District 3190. Both the machines were inaugurated by principal,Dr.H.C.Ramana, in the presence of all the staff members. Dr. Somya Sharma, the NCC officer Army Wing has been given the responsibility of educating and creating awareness to the students on the manner of using these machines. The sanitary napkins will be procured at a very nominal price from ‘’ 6th sense’’ the company which manufacturers the vending machine.

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