World Renowned Product Management Guru, Mr. David Fradin on Board at Manipal Global Academy

Bangalore, June 15, 2017: Manipal Global Academy of IT, part of Manipal Global Education Services, a leading international provider of high-quality higher education services, announced today the appointment of Mr. David Fradin as an Advisor and Distinguished Professor of Practice, Product Management Programs. Known as the ‘Guru’ of Product Management, Mr. David Fradin has trained thousands of product managers throughout the world. Mr. Fradin is the author of “Building Insanely Great Products” ( and “Foundations in the Successful Management of Products” coming soon from Wiley, in addition to a series of courses that teach the entire product management lifecycle.

Having over47 years of experience in product management, product marketing management, andsenior management, Mr. Fradin has been responsible for 75+ products amountingto over $250M in revenue. 

“Being arenowned veteran in the field, we are honored to have Mr. David Fradin on boardas an Advisor and Distinguished Professor of Practice, Product ManagementPrograms. We are sure that his expertise will help mould our students withindustry best practices in the area of Information Technology. Students andfaculty will get a global perspective which will in turn widen their horizon;we look forward to this enriching experience. Fradin will contribute to, andteach in our Post Graduate Diploma in Product Management, as well as in ourexecutive development programs offering product management training tocorporates” said Dr. Yogesh Kumar Bhatt, Director, Manipal Global Academy ofIT. 

At ManipalGlobal Academy of IT, Mr. Fradin will take up the role of Advisor and Professorof Practice, Product Management Programs. Apart from regular theory, studentswill get first-hand knowledge about how the big-names in industry have reachedthe pinnacle of success by developing successful products. 

“Productfailures are costing the world around $ 1/2 Trillion. I am keen to do anythingthat will help reduce this loss. India presents enormous potential fordeveloping new Product Manager or as I prefer to call them “Product SuccessManager” that is the primary people responsible for product success. Talentfrom India has played a pivotal role in development of a large number of pathbreaking products we see today. A trained talent pool and the right infrastructurein the country presents enormous potential to developing next generationtransformational products. Manipal Global Academy of IT has been helpingcompanies and the talent pool to achieve its potential across functions and Iam glad to be contributing to this cause by sharing the knowledge and originalthought I have acquired over the years in developing and managing products.,”said Mr. David Fradin. 

ManipalGlobal Academy of IT offers program in Product Management for IT professionalsin both face-to-face and online modes. Together with Manipal University, it haslaunched India’s first ever PG Diploma in Product Management, an 11-monthpart-time program. Large product companies leverage the product managementtraining program to upskill existing product managers. It also offersshort-term online programs. The curriculum for the Product Management Programshas been developed in association with leading IT product companies.

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