William O’Neil Brings their Global Brand MarketSmith to India

Bengaluru – 21st April, 2017 : William O’Neil, today launched its flagship global brand MarketSmith for the Indian investor community. MarketSmith is a comprehensive stock research platform that provides data, analysis tools to support the investors making informed investing decisions. MarketSmith India is available to the investor community through internet platforms such as website and Apps, which can be downloaded from various platforms like Amazon, Google Play, Opera Mobile Store and APTOIDE currently.

StevenBirch, President, William O’Neil + Company, while formally launching MarketSmith India said, “Weare excited to bring MarketSmith to India at a time, when the whole world islooking at India as one of the growth engines of global economy. India’s vasttelecom-enabled population and very low exposure to financial markets currentlypresents a very big opportunity for us to remain present in the fintech spacelike never. William O’Neil’s global expertise in stock picking throughinnovative research tools is sure to build further a great deal ofknowledge-driven investment culture in India among the market participants.” 

MarketSmithIndia has four key sections to support investment decisions viz. Idea Lists,Evaluation, Market Outlook and Model Portfolio. The App provides institutionalquality data and efficient stock quality analysis and helps a user to simplifythe stock search process. 

Mr.Anupam Singhi, Chief Operating Officer, William O’Neil India said, “MarketSmith Indiaempowers the investors with knowledge enabling them to make better profits inuptrends and protect their capital during downtrends. It facilitates strengthsand weaknesses of Indian stocks based on data-backed research almostinstantaneously. The App works on a growth-oriented research methodology basedon last 50-years of experience and delivers pattern recognition, stock reports,market commentary apart from offering a model portfolio to the subscribers.” 

MarketSmithIndia App is based on the O’Neil Methodology (OM), which uncovers stocks withthe potential to generate alpha. In 1960s, William O’Neil noted certaincharacteristics like accelerating revenues and earnings growth, high relativestrength, increasing trading volumes, new products or management and theindustry group strength repeatedly emerge before the stocks made their bigmoves. 

For morethan 50 years, William O'Neil has been educating U.S. investors on the proveninvesting method he created. His investing classic How to Make Money in Stockshas sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and his perfected method (CANSLIM), rooted in historical precedent, which has been evolving with the marketfor more than 40 years. 

WilliamO’Neil India is part of the O’Neil companies, a family of businesses dedicatedto providing industry-leading financial services and information. WilliamO’Neil India focuses on individual equities, mutual funds, ETFs and indicesacross the globe. Their professional teams are passionate about stock marketresearch and the development of services that support all O’Neil brands.

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