#WhateverCLiQsForYou: TataCLiQ.com’s step towards breaking the stereotypes

Bangalore, March 08, 2017: Over the years, International Women's Day has seen great participation from individuals and organisations who come together and work towards the empowerment of women. Taking a stand against feminine stereotypes, TataCLiQ.com, Tata group’s multi-brand phygital e-commerce player, unveiled their Women’s Day Campaign #WhateverCLiQsForYou, earlier this week. As a part of its weeklong celebration, TataCLiQ.com urges women to explore their own choices and encourages them to break free from social norms.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/r7q0iJagRkkiyWX6l0FGcmVBIrssd_bSAN0c4n9ZLPRK874iAZnXmFXslezGOJ32Hsl39uVOXrY-1dZhVzEuxmIvfOlRPysa0pLfW3GexgIoiPOkC5p4sQBSu6DL09a5Zcx0Wa-8Asan integral part of these efforts, TataCLiQ.com today launched a video thatdepicts how the idea of equality and individuality should be encouraged inwomen. Through their social media channels, TataCLiQ.com invited women tonarrate instances when they went against all the odds to do something they weretruly passionate about. The contests witnessed active participation fromconsumers supporting and furthering the idea of #WhateverCLiQsForYou in termsof their concepts of beauty, attitude, fashion choices and feeling comfortablein their own skin.

Inan age where filters and photoshop images have become a norm, TataCLiQ.com, asa part of the campaign, came up with a unique photo story with five girls, eachwith a unique background. From a veteran model to a plus-sized Hair and Make Upartist, every girl brought her own personality to the shoot and the model imageshave not been retouched in any way. This further reinforced TataCLiQ.com'scampaign message which supports idea of - letting the curves, not Photoshopspeak.

So,come and celebrate ‘YOU’ this Women’s Day with TataCLiQ.com because all thatmatters is #WhateverCLiQsForYou.

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