Vritti Imedia comes out with flying colors in ACEF ad FLAME Awards

National, May 05, 2017: “The greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated”, the cliché holds true with an individual as well as an organization. The feeling of cheerfulness is quite apparent when the Director - Marketing Strategies and Public Relation of Vritti Imedia MR Rajesh Radhakrishnan talks to the correspondent about the overwhelming performance in the 6th APAC Customer Engagement Forum and Awards and RMAI FLAME Awards.

“Both ofthese awards hold a great recognition in the world of advertising and media.Hence, our success is not just encouraging, but quite special. Certainly, it isthe collective success of our whole team that didn’t leave any stone unturnedto bring perfection in every project we handled.” She says.

“It isoverwhelming to receive the award of ‘Most Admired BTL Agency forCustomer Engagement’ in the event. It proves that our efforts arerecognized by our clients, and they feel us their partners and not anoutsourced media agency.”

Winningaward at ACEF is something very special

“ACEFprogram is an international level program guided by advisory members ofinternational repute. The programs focus on different aspects of branding suchas Branding, Marketing, Rural Marketing, and CSR. The programs are planned forGCC Continent and Asia Pacific Region. Hence, winning an award for the bestcustomer engagement is really a proud moment.”

“Other thatthis award which is the Organization Award , we won three Gold in the BTLActivities category, one Gold in the Non-traditional Media category , and oneSilver in Events & Promotion category. Thus, it was an all-roundperformance.” She exclaims.

RMAIFlame Awards, another feather in the crown

Not onlyACEF Awards, but Vritti Imedia showed excellence in another important event,the RMAI FLAME Awards. It is the most acclaimed award program that celebratesthe best of the best in rural marketing and communication.

“Ruralmarketing is always our strong point because we are amongst the pioneers whorecognized the potential of the niche.”

“The factgets substantiated by the overwhelming performance in the FLAME Awards. Webagged one Gold, three Silver and one Bronze in different award categoriesthere.”

“We getawards in different categories like arranging the best-integrated campaign,using technology in the best manner, using traditional congregation platforms,and conceptualizing small budget programs.”

“It is amoment of celebration for us, and at the same time, it makes us prepared forfurther challenges. We are determined to not just repeat but enhance ourperformance further in the coming years.” She concludes.

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