#UnitedBengaluru to protect our lakes

April 29, 2017, Bengaluru: In a bid to take stock of Bengaluru’s lake situation and get citizens of Bengaluru united to protect our waterbodies, Namma Bengaluru Foundation along with its Founder Trustee and Rajya Sabha Member Rajeev Chandrasekhar today visited Bellandur, Varthur and Rampura Lakes. PC Mohan, Lok Sabha Member, Aravind Limbavali and members of active citizen groups were also present at the lake inspection where residents also got an opportunity to voice their concerns.

During the inspection, the lake and citizen activists along with the political leadership discussed government’s inaction to protect our lakes and deliberated over the need for civic agencies and citizens to collectively take onus of restoring the lake ecosystem. 

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar,Founder Trustee, Namma Bengaluru Foundation said, “What we see today is clear evidence that there has been clear corruption in the state that has been allowed to percolate not just from the top to the middle right to the bottom.That is why no official, lower level or middle level is doing anything about the rampant encroachment, rampant killing of these lakes because it is a culture that is now all-pervasive in the current Government- if the top of the leadership is doing it, why wont the bottom of the pyramid not do it? 

So, it is tragic that this city, which houses ISRO, the IT industry has so many good well-meaning people have to be saddled with a reputation of living in a statethat houses the most corrupt government in the country. 

The government must focus on maintaining and preserving what the city has- its lakes and water bodies and not focus on new projects that guarantee kick-backs.It is tragic that Bengaluru, the State of Karnataka and its proud people mustbear the burden of this shame!” 

SridharPabbisetty, CEO,Namma Bengaluru Foundation Said, “The challenge of encroachments, garbage Dumping and effluent inflow is not just the story of Bellandur, Varthur and Rampura lake. The NGT judgement on Bellandur lake fire gives hope for the uphill fight undertaken by many citizen and lake groups.  A United fight involving all the lake activists for protecting our lakes and to reclaim our city has now begun in the right earnest. Join us in this much-needed movement to protect our city for our future generations.” 

NS Mukunda, Founding President, Citizen Action Forum said, “This is a very good initiative because it’s very important to clean up and rejuvenate our lakes. This would solve drinking water problem and eliminate health hazards due to the sewage and pollution from the industries.” 

MuralidharRao, Vice President,Bangalore Apartment Federation said, “City wide there has been a recognition that for the growth of the city we need water. To live in a city, we need to have sustainable water. Already we are using the water from Kaveri river,However, we need to protect our to lakes as well so that we can utilize theirwater which was built by our forefathers for consumption. There are enough experts in the city, we need to bring them together and work on a sustainable model.” 

NareshNarasimhan, Member,Naagarika said, “Lake issue in Bengaluru is a grid problem. Another cause of concern is the inflow of untreated sewage into all our lakes. The BWSSB has failed to control the same despite spending crores. The BWSSB must be restructured and brought under BBMP’s ambit with one common Commissioner. This will ensure accountability and transparency in BWSSB. 

Incorrect survey data had led to encroachment of lakes. The correct extent of lake boundaries can be established by historical data and modern GIS technology, and this must be done immediately.”

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