Trio World Academy extends up to 100% fee waiver for their IB Diploma Program

Bangalore, April 10, 2017: Trio World Academy, in an attempt to bolster the ambitions of deserving students and enable them to achieve higher success, has offered a waiver of up to 100% on tuition fees for theirInternational Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) . The total scholarship amount that amounts to aroundRs.30 lakhs can be availed by five high - performing students.

Theapplicants for the scholarship program need to meet a set of criteria,following which their eligibility for the waiver will be finalized. Theapplicants should have exceptional academic performance in the last 2consecutive years, along with achievements in sports or extracurricularactivities. Community service initiatives will be an added advantage. Theperformance of the applicants in a written test and a subsequent interview willalso be gauged in the process. The final selection will be made on the basis ofan interview with the Head of School & Board of Directors. 

Studentswilling to apply for the scholarship can send in a filled up scholarship form,along with a handwritten letter stating why they deserve the scholarship andacademic reports of the past two years. Any documentation of extracurricularactivities or records of excellence can be included. The student will also needto furnish a letter of recommendation from the existing school. 

About thescholarship program, Mr. Naveen KM, Managing Director, Trio World Academy said, “IB Diploma program is avery challenging academic program and provides ample academic rigor for thestudents to excel. As a certified IB school, we want to ensure that deservingstudents from all socio-economic statuses are given the platform to learn. Theselection process for the scholarship is very rigorous and is structured toensure that the best deserving students are awarded with up to a 100% waiver intuition fee.”

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