Trio World Academy celebrates the season of Francophonie

Thursday, April 6, 2016: Trio World Academy recently celebrated Francophonie – the season celebrating the language of French, with a daylong event at the school premises. The idea of the event was to give the students a complete French experience, where the students celebrated the language and culture keeping in mind the francophonie season. The students were seen participating in the French grammar and vocabulary games organized at the event and playing the rhythms of French music and indulging in French food.

The daywitnessed several events thattouched upon every aspect that can be associatedwith French. This included theFrench cinema which is well known to be animportant aspect in portraying theFrench culture and also famous forintroducing the ‘French new wave’ to the worldof cinema. French cuisine, alsoknown as ‘The world intangible heritage’ byUNESCO was introduced to thechildren through kiosks at the event. Generalknowledge related to French andfrancophone countries were also included in theextravagant event.

The studentsalso showcased theirtalent and enthusiasm to famous numbers of renowned Frenchartists. PirouetteCacahuète’ a well known song was performed by the primarystudents, while themiddle and high school children sang to the tunes of ‘onecrit sur les mur’ andshook a leg to a famous number ‘Elle me dit’.

The funfilled day concluded withmouth watering authentic French bites at the Boulangerie(a bakery) withcroissants, pain aux raisins, pain au chocolate, cookies andothers from theKiosks of Café Noir. To give a complete culinary experience alive crêpecounter was also made available at the event.

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