Toyota Kirloskar Motor stood first & won “Best Kaizen Award”

Bangalore, 13th June 2017: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) was honored with “Best Kaizen Award” by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at the 30th Kaizen Conference & Competition held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on May 16th 2017. Toyota was awarded under the “Breakthrough” category, for initiating innovative practices to reduce energy consumption at the paint booth in the company’s world-class manufacturing facility at Bidadi in the state of Karnataka. The award winning technique involved the use of a psychrometric controller method, ideated and executed internally, to regulate temperature and humidity which eventually led to reduced energy consumption.

TKM, as anenvironmentally committed corporate, implements various eco-initiatives in itsmanufacturing operations, effectively contributing to establish HARMONY WITHNATURE. This award recognizes such energy-efficient methodology implemented tomeet vital eco-challenges.

More than 65companies participated in the category which recognizes improvement inequipment effectiveness with an emphasis on proactive and preventativemaintenance in production line, markedly increasing plant output whilstincreasing employee morale and job satisfaction.  The Toyota team hasstood  first successfully clearing this Kaizen competition held at zonallevel (North Region Level), going on to compete to be the “Best of Best” KaizenChampions at the National level which is scheduled to be held during Sep ’17. 

TotalProductive Maintenance (TPM) system at TKM ensures overall synchronization ofmachines / equipments, processes and employees through smooth integrity ofProduction & Quality systems that add business values to an organization.Our Toyota philosophy focuses on the relentless problem solving involvingpeople & developing the Kaizen Culture. 

On receivingthe award, Mr. Raju B Ketkale, Senior Vice President - Toyota KirloskarMotorsaid “We are honored to receive the award as an acknowledgment to ourdedication for continuous improvement in efficiency and production quality. Thecommitment to go above and beyond building just word-class cars and following amore sustainable production process with minimal environmental impact is deeprooted in the Toyota culture. 

As asocially responsible automobile manufacturer, Toyota is proud to play a vitalpart in promoting a greener and healthier future. We do not limit suchresponsible practices to our plant, but also integrate & impart our bestpractices by engaging dealer supplier partners, thereby enhancing the overalleffectiveness of operations. 

Ouremployees have ample exposure to global technologies with best-in-classtechnical training & hands-on experience to meet the global standards andalso adopt innovative technologies, he added.”

CII KaizenConference & Competition is a renowned platform that honors best practicesand continuous improvement of processes in the fields of manufacturing,engineering, supporting business processes, and management across industryverticals, aiming to share best practices of different corporates and toenhance individual’s capability. Every year a total of 4 winners are selectedfrom under four categories (Restorative, Renovative, Innovative &Breakthrough) to carry the best kaizen award in the form of a trophy.

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