Time to regularize private water tankers?

Nav Bharat Democratic Party hosted a Right to Water Summit in the city yesterday. The city's best minds came together to resolve the looming water crisis. They debated the democratization of water governance, the privatisation of water, the legality of domestic borewells, improving alternative water sources, and the need for a water policy and comprehensive plan for city water management.

Anil Shetty

Right toWater is Right to Life under Article 21 of our Indian Constitution. The NavBharat Democratic Party is working towards ensuring access to quality water forcitizens of Bengaluru. Speaking at the event party National President AnilShetty said: "Water Delayed is Water Denied. The state appears to haveabdicated its responsibility of ensuring access to water for every citizen. Consequently, private water tankers seem to run thecity today. The plus 5000 water tankers operating in Bengaluru are a matter of concern overthe quality and pricing of water. If Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board(BWSSB) finds itself incapable and incompetent in matters of water supply,should they move for the regularizationof water supply, and limit their own role to monitoring and quality check only?This is an urgent debate that Bengaluru's citizens must have. It is the need ofthe hour."Speakers at the summit included water conservationist Zen Vishwanath, IISCscientist A R Shivakumar, BBMP restructuring committee member V Ravichandar,Urban Expert R K Mishra,Former Additional Chief Secretary V Balasubramanian,Urban Strategist Ashwin Mahesh,ATREE fellow Sharachandra Lele, Urban ArchitectNaresh Narasimha and other active voices of Bengaluru.They ideated over a range of water concerns including lake rejuvenation, sewagetreatment,and rainwater harvesting.Nav Bharat Democratic Party's Right to Watersummit aimed to educate citizens about the history of Bengaluru water, thecurrent situation, and future solutions.

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