TigerCup 2017 Bengaluru Tournament announced by Cycle Pure Agarbathies

Bengaluru, April 12, 2017: To strengthen its commitment towards sustainable development, Cycle Pure Agarbathies, India’s largest and the only certified Carbon Neutral agarbathi manufacturer, announced its support for an inter-school cricket tournament Tiger Cup 2017 at an event today. The tournament will kickstart from April 16, 2017 and will be played at the East West Institute of Technology and JSS University, Bengaluru,.

The TigerCup is an inter-school competition for under 12, under 14 and under-16 categorythat leverages the love for cricket, generate awareness and encourage sustainedefforts to protect tigers.  Thetournament not only educates the masses about sustainable development, but alsoencourages young cricket talents. 115 matches will be played under thistournament.  The event to announce thetournament was graced by Mr. Joseph Hoover, an experienced cricket journalist,and Mr. Pavan Ranga, Co-owner, Mysuru Warriors, and Director, NR Group.

Speakingabout the initiative, Mr. Pavan Ranga, Co-owner, Mysuru Warriors, and Director,NR Group, said, “Cricket is one of the most-loved sports in our country. Thepassion is such that it has become a religion for many.  The fondness for cricket among theenthusiasts begins at a very young age and so does the inner conscience forsustainable development.” 

He adds:“Blending the message of conservation of tigers, along with this tournament,will not only educate the young minds participating in it, but will also makepeople aware of the importance of maintaining equilibrium in theecosystem.  The tournament will alsoprovide opportunity to youngsters to showcase their talent while addressing theissue of the threat to the survival of tigers in the wild.” 

Apart fromspreading awareness, the initiative also recognizes meritorious forest watchersand guards. Last year, Cycle Pure Agarbathies re-strengthened their commitmentto conserving wildlife by donating Rs. 1 lakh to Mr. Pramod, the forest guardof BRT Tiger Reserve.

Commentingon the initiative, Mr. Joseph Hoover, the eminent sports journalist who hasbeen associated with the Tiger Cup from its inception, says, “Surely, the TigerCup was conceptualized by former India batsman Sandeep Patil to help spread theword about wildlife conservation and Cycle Pure Agarbathies has added morevalue to it by carrying it forward effectively and successfully. The tournamentprovides infinite opportunities to youngsters and encourages them to showcasetheir talent along with the message of conservation. The initiative is a nobleendeavor and for this I would like to congratulate the team behind it.”

Tiger Cuptournament was conducted in Bangalore in the month of April and May in 2016where 103 matches were played at the GlobalAcademy of Technology,Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Loyola School Ground, Bannerghatta Road. In all, 56teams participated in the under-12, under -14 and under -17. The objective ofthe initiative was solely to encourage the youth to assist the government,largely the forest department, to help conserve our forests and wildlife,especially the tiger.

As a steptowards sustainable development, Cycle Pure Agarbathies, the leadingmanufacturer of agarbathi has cultivated an eco-friendly approach in all itsendeavors. It is the only agarbathi company in India to be certified as a‘green’ company by the UK-based The Carbon Neutral Company – the leadingprovider of carbon reduction solutions in the World. 

A championof environment-friendly practices and packaging, the company has begunre-cycling of corrugated boxes at relevant units and ensures that they are usedmultiple times before being scraped. Further, the company shows utmostperfection in packaging the products with care and finesse. All the agarbathiproducts are made from natural ingredients that are IFRA Certified aromamaterials and are not harmful to the environment or health. NR Group has alsohas established a waste management process to recycle packing material andagarbathi scrap.

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