‘SmartShift by Mahindra’ drives into Bengaluru

February 21, 2017, Bengaluru: SmartShift, the digital mobility start-up from the US$ 17.8 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of its operations in Bengaluru, its third city after successful launches in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Aimed at enabling efficiencies in the last mile logistics space, SmartShift acts as a platform for cargo owners and transporters to work with each other, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

SmartShift is an intra-city digital load exchange platform for cargo owners and transporters, enabling them to efficiently transport cargo from point A to point B. Cargo owners (both businesses and individual users) can access the SmartShift service through a world class mobile app (available on Android), the website or the dedicated call centre. The key differentiator that SmartShift brings to this space is the feature of “Reverse Bidding”. This implies that the app successfully emulates the bargaining process between cargo owners and transporters, allowing them to close the deal at a mutually acceptable price. 

In just 16 months since launch, SmartShift has emerged as the number 1 industry player in both Mumbai and Hyderabad and has become the preferred choice for over 12,000 stakeholders, clocking approximately 1,200 transactions a day.   The team is now geared towards its next ambitious milestone of creating a community of 1 million stakeholders over the next 3 years. 

Speaking at the launch of SmartShift in Bengaluru, Kausalya Nandakumar, CEO, SmartShift, said, “We are delighted to start our operations in the city of Bengaluru and further expand our geographical footprint. As one of the top five markets for commercial vehicles, with a high rate of smartphone adoption in both cargo owner and the transporter community, Bengaluru holds immense potential for a digital platform like ours. Our pilot operations in the market have clearly indicated the latent need tobring significant cost efficiencies in last mile logistics, with high willingness of both owners and transporters to try aggregation platforms.” 

Ms.Nandakumar furtheradded, “According to a report, the logistics industry in India is pegged at$130 billion with 35%-40% of it being in the intra-city space. It is alsoestimated that 18 lakh small commercial vehicles complete millions oftransactions daily, across the country. Going ahead we will not only focus onenabling  improved business productivity for our customers but shallcontinually nurture customer relationships, moving beyond mere transactionalbusiness.” 

WithSmartShift, Mahindra offers transparent pricing, an efficient simple one-clickbooking process and the ability to track cargo after dispatch. As one of thebiggest players in the CV industry, Mahindra understands and recognises thisecosystem and its dynamics. As the first intrapreneurial start-up incubatedwithin the Mahindra Group, SmartShift combines the process, governance anddiscipline of a large mature business with the tenacity, nimbleness and fiercecompetitiveness of a start-up. The young team strongly leverages themulti-disciplinary mentorship of the Mahindra Group and unmatched privilegedaccess to 150 Mahindra group companies, working as a seamless logisticssolution partner in the ‘One Mahindra’ ecosystem.  

Theunique SmartShift service allows cargo owners to:

·Booka vehicle in less than 3 minutes

·Negotiatethe best price through a unique first of its kind “BID” feature

·Choosefrom a range of certified and trained SmartShifters

·Trackthe selected SmartShifter to ensure that his consignment is delivered safelyand securely 

Simultaneously,the SmartShift service allows cargo transporters to:

·Getmore business through faster and easier order taking technology

·Getthe option of accepting or declining a delivery request based on pricing or theavailability of vehicles

·Getthe opportunity to explore and expand to other markets

·Lookforward to a higher earning potential

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