Skateboarders unleash tricks in Spanish wind turbine factory for EOLO project

Spain, June 2017: Danny León enlisted the help of Ryan Sheckler, Alex Sorgente and Zion Wright for his latest project, 300 miles north of his hometown in Madrid. The 22-year-old welcomed his friends for 72 hours of fun in Avilés with the trio travelling over 5,000 miles for the chance to skate in a wind turbine factory with him.

With wind turbines measuring an astonishing 400-foot and 26-feet wide, these giants are the perfect playgrounds for any skater especially one as daredevil as León who is a regular visitor to the principality of Asturias otherwise known as ‘Natural Paradise’. The doors at the Daniel Alonso Group (to which Dacero and Windar Renovables factories belong) opened recently and, after some months of work, the project became a reality. 

Throughout the course of a couple days, the talented quartet managed to skate the steel throughout its stages of development from pallets to turbines. León commented, “I have always paid attention to these giant structures and thought about how amazing it would be to skate them.” Once the steel is curved, the scenery steps into a new dimension, similar to half pipes, with the skaters exploring 45 tons of steel kept in one of the factories. Sheckler added, “In skating the steel pallets, we have basically built our own skate park. We were like little kids in a candy shop.” 

To finish off their fun adventure, they headed to Valliniello Quay in the port of Avilés where they continued to pull off a series of cool tricks. Zion revealed, “The port’s pipes were amazing. It is crazy how they cut it out and made it so that we could skate them.” 

As Ryan Sheckler, Danny León, Alex sorgente and Zion Wright rewrite history in Asturias (Spain); you can watch four of the best skaters in the world, skate the ins and outs of wind turbines for the first time; here

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