SITEOPS Integration with Bentley’s ContextCapture for Reality Modeling

Bangalore, May 08, 2017: Bentley announces the availability of a new SITEOPS workflow for creating optimized site designs, leveraging reality meshes created with ContextCapture and stunning visualizations created with Bentley LumenRT as part of the design process. With ContextCapture, users can create highly accurate 3D reality meshes containing the precision to allow any engineering project to be done completely in context. These reality meshes are engineering ready and can now be directly used as context for 3D design, with the most accurate topography possible, within SITEOPS. Once the design is complete, users can export the 3D model to Bentley LumenRT for creating amazing, enlivened 3D visualizations.

The hardestpart of creating a site plan and design is to acquire an accurate and completesurvey of the existing conditions. ContextCapture allows designers to quicklyproduce accurate terrain models from a collection of ordinary digitalphotographs, which can be immediately used in SITEOPS to begin the process ofidentifying optimal site configurations. 

Key newcapabilities include:

·Acquiredetailed existing surface topography from digital images for use in gradingdesign and analysis;

·Conductsite feasibility studies by using digital imagery, computational design tools,and cost optimization in a fraction of the time it normally takes usingtraditional CAD software;

·Analyzemultiple site layouts and grading plans using the digital topography producedby ContextCapture to determine the best design options based on constraints andcost of construction;

·Combinethe most cost-effective layout and grading with enlivened digital content suchas buildings, trees, vehicles, and more to bring projects to life with BentleyLumenRT;

·Createstunning 3D visualizations that will allow design professionals to convey theintent of their designs to project stakeholders 

Whendetermining the construction budget, one of the biggest risks is typically inthe cost of grading, due to the lack of quality data in the conceptual stageand the time it takes to perform grading designs. Now, with ContextCapture,users can turn site photos into detailed topography, replacing the low qualitysurface data with high-quality detailed reality meshes. This workflow allowsdesign firms to determine optimal design options based on accurate dataenabling the client to make a better decision sooner in the project lifecycle. 

PhilChristensen, VP, analytical modeling, Bentley Systems, said, “The integrationof ContextCapture reality meshes into SITEOPS extends the dramatic positiveimpact that drones are having on civil teams that work on site optimization.These teams can now benefit from the automatic conversion of photos to meshesthat ContextCapture provides and more rapidly identify optimal siteconfigurations from an accurate, up-to-date terrain model.”

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