Rapper Raftaar and singer Anmol Mallik collaborate for a Bhabhiji single!

Bangalore, Februvary 27, 2017: Surprised? Well… Sahi Pakde Hai! A little birdie confirmed this piece of news that Raftaar and Anmol Malik have come together to record a single for &TV's runaway success, the most loved sitcom, BHabi Ji Ghar Par Hain (BGPH).

It seems theduo have been in talk with the makers for a while now to record a peppy rapnumber that compliments the humor on the show. The song will have Raftaar weavehis magic with words in a fast paced rap style, while Anmol takes the lead onthe main verse and chorus. The lyrics of the song have been specially craftedto suit the tempo of the show. This is the first time that Raftaar and Anmolhave lent their voice to a Television series, and they have ensured that thesong is impeccable. 

Theelated Anmol said -“I had a great time writing, composing and lending my voice to the Bhabhijisong. I think it's stellar that such a popular sitcom which the audience enjoysso much will have a single to it. Honestly, it was a ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’ momentfor me when I was approached for this (laughs). The song has turned out to beas quirky as the show itself! I have personally enjoyed working on the song andcollaborating with Raftaar. Hope the audience finds it as entertaining.” 

Produced byEdit II, the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! that has risen to exceptional heightsis about the lives of two neighbors, who love their own wives, but don't miss achance to woo each other's wives either!

The BhabiJi Single is slated to release soon only on &TV

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