Nutralite finds increasing appetite for flavoured table spreads

Bangalore, 19th April, 2017: Nutralite, the largest table spread brand with presence across India, announced a portfolio expansion of its line of healthy yet yummy spreads with two delicious and refreshing new flavours. The two new variants - Garlic & Oregano and Pudina & Coriander were launched by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in an event in Mumbai. The flavours are developed using Natural Herbs & Spices and will be available in pack sizes of 100g (carton) and 200g (tub) and will be priced at Rs 42/- and Rs 85/- respectively.

The launchcomes after an extensive consumer research conducted to gain key insights onconsumption and food patterns of consumers. It was found that consumers areincreasingly developing a strong taste for different flavours to add to theirpalates while wanting to retain a healthy diet. While Nutralite hassuccessfully captured “health” space with the “Zero-cholesterol” proposition andcontinues to be a preferred choice of many, the addition of different flavourswill help the brand to tap consumer need of variety in taste. Along with theportfolio expansion, Nutralite has revamped packaging of complete range to makeit look more contemporary and premium. The launch will be supported by a360-degree campaign, which includes a new TVC that features celebrity ChefSanjeev Kapoor, as well as print & digital campaigns. 

ChefSanjeev Kapoor, the brand ambassador of Nutralite said, "Nutralite understands theneed of “Healthy and Tasty” food, hence launched two new flavours in theNutralite range. These flavours have been developed using Natural Herbs andSpices and can be used to make variety of tasty dishes without worrying aboutrepercussions on health." 

Talkingabout the launch, Mr Tarun Arora, Director and Chief Operating Officer,Zydus Wellness said,“Nutralite has over the years stood for health byoffering 0% cholesterol benefit added with Omega -3. With the changing consumerlifestyles and wants, we have co-created with them two exciting new flavours.One of them conforms to traditional Indian taste of Pudina & Coriander andsecond one is inspired by the adopted flavour of modern India- Garlic &Oregano. These new flavours from Nutralite aim to tackle not just healthby offering zero cholesterol, but also provide consumers with an enhanced tasteand an enriching experience for their taste buds.” 

Pointing outat the rapid urbanisation, Mr Arora further stated, “With busylifestyles and increasing disposable income Nutralite flavoured table spreadswill come handy to women in urban India who are time crunched and look forquick solutions to make their daily meals more interesting.  We wantto make Nutralite the preferred choice of today’s ‘smart home-maker’ who is proactive, creative& experimental and works towards developing her skills to minimize thedaily struggles of cooking a variety of dishes while keeping them healthy.”

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