Bangalore, June 6, 2017: Mountain Dew today announced the 2nd edition of its hugely successful annual property- Dew Arena. This year’s edition comes on the back of a successful 1st edition that saw record participation from 75,000 gamers across the country, thereby becoming the largest ever gaming championship in India till date. The 2nd edition of the Dew Arena is only getting bigger and better and the Championship aims to double participation to over 1.5 lakhs. As a brand, Mountain Dew has always been at the forefront of bringing in consumer experiences that have celebrated emerging trends and Dew Arena is a reiteration of its commitment to gaming and e-sports in India.

Dew Arena is a unique 6 month gamingchampionship which will give the winners, a chance to have their profile on theMountain Dew bottle, in addition to the prize pool worth INR 20 Lakhs.  Ina bid to take the experience of gaming to the masses, Mountain Dewhas created a disruptive Gaming Truck that is going to 300 locations across 125cities in 11 states, for consumers to experience cutting edge technology. 16participants can play at one point of time on the Gaming Truck. Thus, the 2nd editionof the Dew Arena widens up the opportunity for consumers be it anywhere inIndia, by opening up participation across platforms be it Online with CounterStrike and DOTA 2, On-ground with RocketLeague and Street Fighter 5 and on Android with WarriorPrince

Elaboratingon the idea of the Dew Arena, Naseeb Puri, Associate Director, MountainDew, PepsiCo India said, “Mountain Dew’s brand philosophy hasalways been about celebrating real heroes and all our programmes have alwaysbeen rooted in strong consumer insights. Our consumer research on gaming showedthat Gamers seek recognition and fame and Dew Arena is our way of celebratingthese real life heroes like never before. We are delighted to have on board twovery strong partners in ESL India and ASUS who bring in immense credibility andexpertise in taking forward our vision of Esports that truly seeks to massifyGaming in India.” 

Anotherhighlight of Dew Arena 2017 is the Virtual Reality Zones createdwith the aim of presenting consumers with a disruptive experience in all of the300 locations that the Gaming Truck goes to. 

According to AkshatRathee, MD – ESL India, "Dew Arena is one of the propertiesthat show what can happen when things are done keeping the extremely passionatecommunity in mind. In the short time of a year it has become THE Esports cup tobe part of. If you add the gaming activations done in over 300 cities, it isthe largest gaming related activity in the world for ESL. It truly takes gamingto the masses. We as ESL India are extremely proud of the work we have donewith the Mountain Dew team and 2017 will set the perfect springboard for thefuture of Dew Arena.” 

A key factorof Dew Arena’s success has been Mountain Dew’s recognition of the need tocreate a strong gaming ecosystem with experts. This ensures that theChampionship benefits from the strengths they bring in, be it in the form oftechnology knowhow or best in class gaming expertise. 

According to VinayShetty, Asus Regional Director – Component Business, India and South Asia, “Ourassociation with PepsiCo India, India’s largest beverage makers is a firm stepin a direction to reinforce our position as industry leaders in PCGaming.  Owing to last year’s edition of ‘Dew Arena’, we are excited to bepart of this unique project. With the help and expertise of PepsiCo India, wehope to reach out to a wider audience and give them an opportunity toplay  on the industry’s best gaming PC’s.  This relationshiprepresents a powerful opportunity for us to expand our presence.” 

Through thecourse of the championship, gamers will battle it out every day in order tosecure a place in the Dew Arena Grand Finale scheduled to take place in thelast week of September 2017 in New Delhi. 

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