Mohammed Haris Nalapad elected as General Secretary of youth congress – Bangalore City

Bangalore, 20 May 2017: In a major development in the political scenario in the state, Mohammed Haris Nalapad has emerged victorious in the youth congress elections held in the city. Mohammed secured the highest number of votes among all the candidates contesting for the post of the General Secretary of youth congress in Bangalore city. Mohammed Haris Nalapad is the Executive Director of the Nalapad Group of Companies. The results of the election were declared at around 3am at the congress Bhavan at Race Course Road.

Speaking onthe occasion, Mr. Mohammed Haris Nalapad said “ I am honored and at the sametime humbled to have won with a majority number of votes. I consider this as anopportunity to work harder for the betterment of the party. Congress is a partyof the people, by the people and for the people. I promise to discharge myduties fearlessly and impartially to the best of my ability”

He futheradded “I would also like to congratulate all the other office bearers who havebeen selected. Together we will strive for the development of congress and thepeople of Bangalore”

MohammedHaris Nalapad is an entrepreneur and social worker who has actively involvedhimself in social work and party activities. Drawing inspiration from hisfather, N A Haris, MLA of Shantinagar constituency, Mohammed has been seenalongside him during his public visits and social outreach programs. MohammedHaris Nalapad is well known for his philanthropic work, soft spoken nature andcommunication skills.

MohammedHaris Nalapad has studied hospitality management from the prestigious EmiratesAcademy of Hospitality Management in UAE and is also the brain behind theNalapad Academy which was inaugurated earlier this year. Mohammed is also acrusader against drugs and constantly engages him self interacting with theyouth in colleges and spreading awareness against consumption of drugs.

Among otheroffice bearers, Raghuveer Gowda was elected as the president of Youth Congress– Bangalore City and Rakshit Shivram and Sowmya Reddy were elected as the vicepresidents of the Bangalore City Youth Congress

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