Megamorph takes a mega-step towards a Greener Bangalore

Bangalore: Every year on world environment day, the city rises up for the colour green. But that's passé for Bangalore's lakes, who have been silently doing it for years, progressing from a calm blue to dull jade and finally a Christmasy snowy white, replete with foamy snow. This cyanic rainbow may be pretty to look at, but horrendous for the environment. To be truly 'green' consumers, we need to become conscious of the products we use, and make sure they keep our lakes the cool blue we know and love. Through their refusal to harm our natural resources by unethical dumping, Megamorph Marketing pvt ltd simplifies the decision for the ecologically aware consumer.

As India's first and only certified Green Company by GC Mark, Germany, their manufacturing process creates zero percent air and water pollution, a requirement for the certification. Given the current frothy nature of Bangalore's lakes, Megamorph's presence in the industrial and domestic cleaning markets is a comforting change. Sanitation that protects our vegetation is the only way forward to a cleaner, greener Bangalore.

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