Local boy Antony stars on Day 1 of JK Tyre Vroom Quarter-Mile Rush

Bengaluru, April 30: Bangalore’s veteran drag racer A Antony emerged as the hero of the day, clocking the fastest time on Day One of the JK Tyre Vroom Quarter-Mile Rush here on Saturday and winning the 350cc and above category in style.

Forty-three-year old Antony, a seven-time national champion, took just 11.895 seconds, with an amazing reaction time of 0.588 seconds at the start, to be the quickest racer over the 400-metre stretch on his RD 350cc. He topped 179 kilometres per hour to record the best speed of the day as well.

On an action-packed day that saw as many as 14 different categories in motorbikes, Mumbai's Iqbal Shaikh proved to be the consummate drag racer, winning as many as three different categories and finishing third in another race on an action-packed day.

Iqbal, winner of over 100 trophies in various national and regional championships, clocked the fastest time of 13.171 seconds on his fancy-looking but highly effective Yamaha RD 350 in the 361-550cc class. He was invincible in the 166-225cc and the 4-stroke open class as well. 

“During the scrutiny, I was asked to change my gear,” explained Iqbal, at the end of a highly rewarding day. “So, I wasn’t really comfortable and things didn’t go as expected. I managed good timings despite that and won a few events,” he added.

A tuner by profession and a passionate racer, he is not yet done though: he is going to compete in the bigger bikes, including the 851-1050cc  and the 1051cc and above categories, as also in a couple of four-wheel races.

“Tomorrow is going to be a tough day,” he conceded. “The competition is going to be of a high class with many well-known and proven bikers in fray. I am however confident of my skills and my bikes and will hope to win a couple more,” he added.

Sunday promises to be an exciting day, with all the super bikes and super cars set to burn rubber all through the day. The voyeurs can also hope to see Lamborghinis and Mustangs, Bentleys and Porsches make an appearance.

A festiveatmosphere reigned over the Jakkur Aerodrome as spectators on Saturday, asyoung and old fans, gathered in huge numbers to watch the modified bikes.As the sun beat a retreat after scorching the city over the last few weeks,fans danced to the beats of the DJ and clicked selfies with the men and theirmachines. 

There was aladies’ class too, with Neha Masurkar from Goa easily winning it with animpressive timing of 14.697 seconds. Bengaluru’s Priyanka finished second,taking 16.122 seconds as she struggled at the start.

The day’shero, however, was local boy A Antony who clocked the fastest time of the dayon his RD 350. He finished the race in 11.895 seconds in the 350cc and abovecategory, with an amazing reaction time of 0.588 seconds at the start. Hetopped 179 kilometres per hour to record the best speed of the day as well.

 Antony,a 43-year-old veteran, who has won seven national drag championships, shot offlike a bullet and left his competitor on the adjacent lane, gasping for breath.

The131-165cc class was the most popular event, with as many as 27 racers competingfor honours. Hussain Khan claimed the bragging rights by winning this event,ahead of a number of accomplished racers, including Iqbal Sheikh. 

Among otherinteresting categories out of the 14 held on Saturday, there were theBullet Open and the Cruiser Open that saw the fanciest and heaviest bikesincluding the Honda Gold Wing and a Harley Davidson.


Upto 130cc: SyedNayeem, Mohammed Touheed, Anthony Bendick; 131-165 cc: HussainKhan, Kaleem Pasha, Iqbal Shaikh; 350 cc and above: A Antony, YuvaKumar, Mustafa Siraj Khan; Upto 165 cc: Khalid Pasha, ArvindGanesh, Shashank HC; 166 - 225 cc: Iqbal Shaikh, Vaibhav Mhatre,Arun Kumar; 226 - 360 cc: Nasruddin Abdul Shaikh, Akshay, MujahidPasha; 361 - 550cc: Iqbal Shaikh, R Ashwin, Aiyaz; Single/Twin551 -  850 cc: Syed Fareed Ahmed, Mohammed Zain, Alimon; ScooterOpen: Veekshak K Y, Pavan B K, Anthony Bendick; 4 Stroke Open: IqbalShaikh, Aiyaz, R Ashwin; Jawa/Yezdi Open: Maqsood Baig, Atta Ulla Baig, VarunKariappa KM; Ladies Class upto 390cc: Neha Masurkar, Priyanka K; BulletOpen: Mohsin Shariff, Syed Asif, Syed Fareed Ahmed; Cruizer Open:Sundeep Sokhi, Alimon, Hassan Bakran 

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