Leading Cloud Telephony player Exotel hits a Sixer

Bangalore, 20 June, 2017: Exotel, one of India’s leading cloud telephony solution providers in India is proud to announce that the company has completed six years of operations.

Over thepast few years, Exotel has grown significantly as a company with the technologyteam doubling in size. Exotel’s technology expertise has been reaffirmed withthe launch of Exotel Labs that reflects the company’s vision to spur innovationin the voice space. From the original aspirations of the co-founders as astart-up in June 2011, Exotel, today has physical operations in India and SouthEast Asia Markets with a combined total of over 100 employees supporting theglobal client base around the clock. Exotel does 4 million calls aday now, which is 3 times the number of calls the company did in the firstyear. 

Commentingon the milestone, Shivkumar Ganesan, CEO and Founder, Exotel, said, “It's beenan incredible journey so far and one that has touched every emotion that istypical in entrepreneurs building a company from scratchSix yearsago, when we set out to start Exotel, never did I imagine that we as a firmwill be able to work with companies across verticals, from the likes of Uberand Ola to some off beat clients like TAAQADEMY,  Pratham Books andPaperman. Am incredibly proud and humbled by the dedication of the team and thepassion they display each day to support and contribute to the success of ourcustomers. We are honoured to have customers who believe in the solutions weprovide. ”

In a videoshared by Swiggy wishing Exotel on its sixth year in the business, RajkishanUdapudi, Senior Manager, Operations and Strategy, Swiggy said, “We are usingExotel’s services since Swiggy’s inception and Exotel has played aninstrumental role in handling most of the telephony operations for the company.It’s ease of use, variety of offerings and the excellent customer servicestandout as compared to other telephony providers in the market and has definitelyhelped us grow in a cost effective manner.”

While 2015was a year of big-ticket funding rounds, 2016 witnessed major disruption in thestart-up ecosystem in India. “Exotel’s adaptability in the wake of suchturbulence has demonstrated the strength of the company. 75 million people havecommunicated using Exotel in the last 6 years and we hope to continue thisupward growth trend in the coming years by adding diverse clients to ourportfolio. We see strong adoption growing among the marketplaces, job portalsand food tech start-ups,” he added.  

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