Karnataka’s first baby through Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) born in Bengaluru

BENGALURU, India – March 31, 2017 – Nova IVI Fertility, India’s leading chain of fertility centres, announced the first reported instance of a baby born in Bengaluru through an advanced ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique to treat male infertility – Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS). Preetha and Arun (names changed), aged 36 and 45 respectively, were married for 14 years without a child. Initially, Preetha conceived twice naturally, but miscarried both times. The couple then turned to assisted reproductive technology (ART) to conceive. While the first IVF cycle resulted in a pregnancy, it lead to an abortion in six weeks. Preetha had a second failed IVF cycle before she consulted Dr. Santosh Gupta at Nova IVI Fertility.

Dr. Santosh Gupta,Fertility Consultant at Nova IVI Fertility, Bengaluru said, “Preetha’s eggreserve was fine and no other infertility factors were diagnosed in her. WhenArun’s semen parameters were analysed, we found that the sperm count, motilityand morphology were normal. However, we suggested MACS to filter healthy spermsfor ICSI, which is a specialised form of IVF that involves the injection of asingle, healthy sperm into a mature egg. When three healthy embryos weretransferred into the uterus, one of them grew to become a healthy baby.Infertility is not a female problem only. Male factor equally contributes toinfertility, which is about 40-45% of all infertility cases in Bengaluru. Withadvanced ART techniques like MACS, we are now able to tackle male infertility ina more efficient way.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arun said, “We had almost lostall hope of being a parent. But now when we look at our baby, we are completelyelated and thankful to the doctors for making our dream come true. We wereworried and apprehensive but the counsel, guidance, personal attention and thetransparency on the treatment given by the Nova team gave us confidence to goahead. I request all parents who cannot conceive naturally, not to bedisheartened and depressed. There is always hope!”

Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS) is a semen selectiontechnique that involves the magnetic separation of non-apoptotic spermatozoafrom apoptotic spermatozoa which have less fertility potential. The apoptosis(programmed cell death) is a regulation process of the cell cycle which mayoccur during spermatogenesis (the process of development of sperm cells orspermatozoa), thereby causing cell damages such as sperm DNA fragmentation.MACS helps isolate better sperms from the ones which are on the verge of death.This helps achieve better fertilisation rate, cleavage rate, implantation rateand pregnancy rate.

“MACS is recommended in cases with high sperm DNAFragmentation Index, poor fertilisation rate in previous IVF-ICSI cycle, two ormore failed IVF cycles and repeated miscarriage among others. Factors likesmoking, varicocele, stress, pollution, etc. are seen to be responsible for thehigher level of apoptotic spermatozoa found in the ejaculate. We have used MACSin over 55 cases in Bengaluru and a pregnancy rate of about 55% per embryotransfer is achieved in these cases. We see that people are now more open tothis technology and there is an increase in the acceptance of MACS in the past10 months.” Dr. Santosh adds.

MACS is known to be an effective method to treat maleinfertility and stands tall as a huge relief for many couples as well asfertility experts. Given the steady increase in the number of infertility casesreported in India, such advanced ART techniques like MACS come as a boon toseveral childless couples in the nation. 

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