Karnataka Youth Congress Committee

Bangalore, 12, June 2017: Indian Youth congress (IYC) activists staged a "Rail Roko" protest at Bangalore City Railway station (Majestic) today in support of the farmers' protest in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. Over 800 youth congress members collectively made an effort to stop trains at Majestic railway station where they were arrested by the police.

State youth congress leaders - Basanagouda Badarli, Amruth Gowda, 

Shiva Kumar and Mohammed Haris Nalapad were leading the protest atBangalore City railway station. They also protested the detention of party vicepresident Rahul Gandhi in Neemuch district on the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradeshborder. Rahul Gandhi was on his way to Mandsaur to meet the families of thefarmers.

Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh has been facing a tense situationwith farmers protesting since june 1st over their demands for fare prices fortheir produce and a farm loan waiver not being met. Five farmers were killedand eight others were injured in police firing.

Speaking on the occasion, KYCC president, Basanagouda Badarli said,“Prime Minister Modi’s promise of Acche Din has today resulted in gunning downfarmers in Madhya Pradesh. His promise of good daysseems to be only for him andhis ministers and not for the general public. Abki Baar Modi Sarkar has turnedto Abki Baar Golibar Sarkar. The BJP government led by CM Shivaraj SinghChouhan in Madhya Pradesh have ruined farmers and are now trying to suppresstheir voices.”

Bangalore District congress General Secretary, Mohammed Haris Nalapadsaid        “The then BJP government in Karnataka led by B.S. Yeddyurappa had sworn in the name of farmers but later gunned down farmersin Haveri. Modi’s Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh believes yoga isa solution to all problems. When the media questioned him on the killings, hesays Yoga Kijiye. This is what the BJP administration’s gift for bringing themin power at Delhi. We pledge to fight against the BJP across our state and willnever let them come to power and ruin our farmers”

The leaders leading the protest in Bangalore were arrested and takeninto police custody by the Karnataka Police and were later released. The YouthCongress is protesting nationally for this cause. There has been a widespreadsupport towards this moment across various parts of Karnataka.

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