JobsForHer partners with Global Action on Poverty to bring women back to their careers

Bangalore, December 8th, 2016: JobsForHer (JFH), a connecting portal enabling women on a professional break to restart their careers announces its partnership with Global Action on Poverty (GAP)– an initiative of Head Held High (HHH) Foundationaiming to alleviate poverty. The main objective of this association is to bring women back to work in volunteer rolesfor driving social impact, while enabling them to take the first step towards relaunching their careers.

GAP is run by a passionate team that catalyses the journey of Changemakers who are working on projects and ideas that eradicate poverty in their communities. It is an initiative of HHH Foundation that focuses on initiatives for poverty eradication through transformation, those that can scale and can be sustainable.

Thus, with this initiative, both JFH and GAPaim to give women the power to relaunch their careers by preparing them with exposure to new skills and experiences.

Commenting on the initiative, Neha Bagaria, Co-Founder & CEO, JobsForHer said, “No matter how much time we spend on gaining years of professional work experience, taking a break, even if it is for a brief period of time, can prove to be a major hurdle when we decide to relaunch our careers. We have to remember that the world does move on without us while we were gone, and the only constant we can count on is change. The situation is especially true for women on a career break, as they have to face many difficulties and hurdles prior to re-entering the workforce.”

“Thus, we felt that change must be embraced, and sometimes it requires a radical change of attitude from the one that we have been using so far. With our Volunteering initiative, women will get to take a trial run, and fully prepare themselves for any challenges they may face in the real world,”she added.

Adding to this partnership, Madan Padaki, Co-Founder& Trustee,HHHFoundation said,“OurVolunteering initiative introduces thevolunteers as GAP Mithras or Guides to the Changemakers who are working oncreating a positive impact in their communities. The GAP Mithraswill interactwith our Changemakers on a regular basis and build meaningful relationshipswiththem while assisting them with any issues that they may face. This is a greatopportunity for the volunteers to influence the Changemaker’s life whilebuilding their own skills and experience. This is a deeply rewarding socialimpact opportunity which can be accomplished on flexible hours from home.”

The collaborative volunteering initiative by JobsForHer andGAP commenced in December. It will help instill a belief in womenrestarters that relaunching one’s career is actually very simple when they havelittle help from their peers in the industry.While most volunteering roles areunpaid, volunteering can provide women restarters with current, on-the-ground,real (working) world experience that they can present on their resume, inaddition to a current referral from a manager/supervisor to include in theirfuture job applications.

The Volunteering initiative is open to all those women whomiss the thrill and excitement of actively working in an organization, and areprepared to face any challenges head on.

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