Jeep SUV Icons Thrilled Customers at the Bangalore Edition of Camp Jeep

Bangalore | 27th March 2017: FCA India, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s seventh largestautomaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, organized the sixth edition of its thrilling Camp Jeep experience for potential Jeep customers in Bangalore. Jeep brand’s signature off-roading event was conducted at the Wild Retreat Adventure Club, Bangalore where customers enjoyed two days of adventurous off-roading in the iconic Jeep Wrangler and the luxurious Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Commentingon Camp Jeep, Mr. Kevin Flynn – President and Managing Director, FCA Indiasaid, “The Jeep brand is now 75 years old and evolved from building practical,tough but agile off-roaders for the American armed forces so they couldliterally go anywhere. Even today, we keep to this ethos the Jeep brand buildsSUVs that can ‘go anywhere’ albeit in luxury. Camp Jeep celebrates and exploresthe bounds of the off-roading DNA of the Jeep products by lending customers theopportunity to drive on exceptionally difficult terrain in a Jeep Wrangler andthe Jeep Grand Cherokee and witness first-hand the ease with which these JeepSUVs are designed to tackle extreme terrains. In Camp Jeep, we want customersto actually experience the legendary capability of Jeep SUVs through the lensof luxury.”

Camp Jeep isJeep brand’s global off-roading property that showcases the legendaryoff-roading capabilities of Jeep SUVs by driving them in extreme off-roadconditions like rock, sand, slush, inclines and tight maneuvers. Customers, whomay not attempt driving over such terrains in everyday life, can do so in CampJeep in the presence and under the guidance of trained off-road instructors.

Camp Jeepwas first introduced to Delhi-NCR customers. FCA then took the off-roadexperiential property to the Rann Utsav, in the Rann of Kutch, MumbaiCoimbatore and Kochi before introducing it to Bangalore on Saturdayand Sunday.Going with the Jeep brand’s values of freedom and authenticity, Camp Jeepdelivers an earthy but sophisticated customer experience.

The customerengagement area in Camp Jeep was designed with a classy lounge area forcustomers to rest, a food counter that served delectable American stylecuisine, a play area for kids and a product display area. FCA encouragedcustomers to book their drives in advance to keep the waiting period in check.While the customers were being pampered in the engagement area, executiveseducated them about the Jeep brand and products, prepping them for theoff-roading ahead.

Flynn added,“The uniqueness of Camp Jeep is that we off-road in a natural habitat. Weprefer our SUVs naturally tackling what nature has to throw at them instead ofcreating a modular off-roading experience. To maximize the Camp Jeepopportunity further, we have planned to engage with customers across India andwill let them have this thrilling experience of driving authentic Jeep SUVs.”

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