International Women’s Day Special offerings and Campaigns by Bangalore Based startups

International Women’s Day is down the corner and many startups have initiated different campaigns, schemes, offers, packages as a tribute to their women employees and moreover to salute the Woman of today.International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Global action is needed to accelerate gender parityat workplace. Below listed are few startups and their offerings on the special occasion of International Women’s Day.

JobsForHer, a Bangalore based startup exclusively assisting women who have a career gap in their resume to get back on their career track. For International Women's Day 2017, JobsforHer is encouraging women to get aligned to the cause BeBoldForChange by getting themselves inked and be part of #GetInkedWithJFH campaign. The campaign kicked off in February 2017 where women restarters were asked to identify the one lesson that their breaks taught them and be bold about it by getting themselves inked and sending in their pictures along with their message.

The campaign went live on Feb 4th, 2017 and in a matter of a week, it received hundreds of photographs from women across India who want to proudly flaunt their breaks and be part of the restarter revolution which is being powered by JobsForHer - a startup that was founded by a woman who took a break herself and used the learnings from her break to build a team of career-break women to enable other women to get back to work as well! 

DocsApp, a Bangalore based healthcare app offers Consultation through Chat / Call  with Verified Specialists such as Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Nutritionists etc. has announced a Women’s Week offer that promotes proactive healthcare in women. The startup has launched a “88 until 8th”  Offer.This offer allows all women to consult gynecologists on DocsApp at just Rs. 88 from 4th-8th of March. This is just a small initiative to encourage women to get health advice and embrace a healthy lifestyle.  College girls, working women and housewives all are welcome to discuss their health concerns privately with highly qualified Specialist Doctors from across India. 

Another Fitness Startup, Gympik is saluting women’s spirit byrunning a #Fitfie contest by asking Women to share their post workout selfiestill 8th March 2017 and felicitating the winners with gift vouchers. Also, theyareoffering 10% off on gym memberships in Bangalore apart from which they havetaken an initiative to educate the women of today by posting tips and videos onthe importance of work out, mental wellness, need of folic acid etc. on theirsocial media platform – a small step towards FIT INDIA!

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