Indus Health Plus emphasizes on Men’ health on the occasion of Men’s Health awareness month

June 15, 2017, National: June is globally celebrated as Men’s Health awareness month in order to spread awareness regarding the health issues pertaining to men. On this occasion, a study by Indus Health Plus observed that communicable аnd non communicable diseases as well as accidental cases amongst men are on rise. The report was generated from preventive health check up that males availed at various locations during the period of January 2016 – December 2016.

Indus Health Plus is promoting Men’s Health awareness month, a means to raise awareness about the health challenges faced by men from the age group of 20 years аnd above. It was also observed that the diseases in men belonging to rural areas are no different from urban areas.

Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus says, “It has been observed that males as young as 20 years аnd above are prone to lifestyle disorders. The life threatening diseases like cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. which are still common at the age group of 40 years аnd above are now being seen amongst youngsters as well. Awareness regarding the diseases needs to be created to make a person understand the symptoms and opt for preventive healthcare checkups; which helps in early detection, effective treatment and also increases life expectancy.”

Key findingsfrom the survey:

·In males,17% infectious diseases can be prevented like fever, malaria, dengue, typhoid

·10% ofmales from the age group of 51 years аnd above underwent Cataract surgery, 4%of males below 50 years have started getting cataract problems due to regularuse of mobiles, gazing on laptop for long hours, not going for regular eyecheck up, etc.

·12% ofmales affected by cardiac diseases were hospitalized, out of which 3% had toundergo angioplasty аnd 1% CABG i.e. open heart surgery

·6% wereaccidental cases/injuries wherein it was observed that fractures аnd otherhealth hazards have taken place

·Out of all,5% of males were seen suffering from cancer such as lung, mouth, pancreas andstomach cancer. Lung аnd mouth cancer being the major ones amongst males

· 8% weresuffering from gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery, acidity, foodpoisoning, colitis, etc.

· 4-5%problems in males were related to kidney stones

· 3-4% werediagnosed with TORP cases i.e. prostate related problems

·10-12% werediabetic cases due to genetic аnd stressful life. Diabetes has been detected atthe age of 25 years and above

· 20% of menas young as 26 years of age have reported of hypertension-induced cardiacdiseases. If left untreated, it would develop into heart diseases eventually,leading to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, coronary arterydiseases, strokes etc.

· Out of allcases, 54% were the medical cases that can be prevented through medicines аndpreventive measures. 46% were the surgical cases, if identified at the earlierstages, can be brought down

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