Homoeopathy is now a well-known way of treatment for many such diseases known to be incurable. And it is now well reputed to cure such diseases successfully. It came to India from Germany in 1810 and became of the official way of India, well placed in healthcare policy of India. In fact, as per history, it is the ancient Vedic medicine of ancient time got transformed in renaissance period in Germany and came back to home (India) so you can say homoeopathy as Western Vedic Medicine.

As the Vedic medicine is based on holistic viewpoint so is the homoeopathy too. The best part is homoeopathy has discovered in 20th century, while has its Vedic background still explain everything in today’s medical language. So, when it is said that homoeopathy is holistic medicine means it influences the psychology, nervous system, hormonal system and immune system together. In fact every human being is well controlled and maintained by these systems. In fact in all diseases these systems are involved to correct everything.

Hormones are chemical substances produced by glands that are secreted directly into the bloodstream. Through the blood stream, the hormones are carried to various organs of the body to regulate numerous bodily functions. The major hormones are thyroid hormones (produced by thyroid gland), estrogen and progesterone (female hormones produced by ovaries) and testosterone (male hormone produced by testis).

Hormone imbalance in females

Hormonal imbalance in women can lead to various conditions and syndromes. The main syndromes resulting from hormonal imbalance in women are PCOS, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome. PCOS mainly leads to irregular periods, acne, hair growth on face and infertility. Premenstrual syndrome refers to a set of symptoms that are experienced by women a few days prior to the onset of periods. The major symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are mood swings, irritability, depression, and headache, changes in bowel movement, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness and acne. Menopause is the permanent cessation of periods in women. The set of symptoms that appear during menopause are collectively referred to as menopausal syndrome. Symptoms of menopausal syndrome include hot flushes, depression, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, osteoporosis (weak bones), weight gain (obesity), hair loss, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, excessive vaginal bleeding (flooding).

Hormoneimbalance in males

Hormoneimbalance (mainly testosterone) in males results in major complaints oferectile dysfunction, infertility, low sex drive, breastdevelopment (gynaecomastia), depression, loss of muscle strength, decreasedbone density, falling of hair and lowered energy levels. 

When we saydiseases due hormonal imbalance does not mean only hormones are affected andsome pills having such hormone will fix everything. In fact psychology, nervoussystem, hormonal system and immune system work together in two way system meansexchanging information to and fro.

Now-a-daysmany such hormonal diseases have come up with which many persons are affected.It affects every age of males and females.  But, females are most hit withhormonal diseases. Homoeopathy has the answers to cue them successfully thattoo without any side-effects. In homoeopathy, the medicines are developed aftertesting them on human beings that means each medicine is well known for itseffects on psychology, nervous system, hormonal system and immune system. Sofor any hormonal imbalance situation, when a homoeopath looks for the symptomsand match it with the symptoms of the known medicinal symptoms after matchinggiven it to the patient then it is able to cure the condition without anyside-effects.

Also,homoeopathy can treat the subclinical hormonal imbalance conditions such assubclinical hypothyroidism. It is condition where the persons (mostly females)show very mild symptoms like dryness of the skin, constipation, weight gain,mood swing etc. On testing TSH (thyroid related hormone) in blood comes high. Itreated many number of cases of it with great success. Even in conditions ofPCOD among young girls homoeopathy is showing tremendous success.

Slowly amassage is catching up in masses to get yourself treated with homoeopathyespecially for hormonal imbalance to be all right. Homoeopathy roots out thedisease completely. To get cured one must report to you homoeopathic doctor atthe earliest not at the end. Like, when a girl starts with menses for firsttime, mostly noticed some disturbance which is over-looked for long till itgets diagnosed as imbalaned! Actually, noticing any disturbance in menses ininitial months must be treated to be away hormonal imbalance.

Homoeopathyis to balance you holistically including your hormones. Be with Homoeopathy tobe happy.  


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