Greening of Halagevaderahalli Lake

June 12, 2017, Bengaluru: Today RR Nagar- I Care in association with United Bengaluru organized greening of Halagevaderahalli lake by planting saplings around the side walk of the lakes. The event saw participation from Golden Star Ganesh, Actor and Director; Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation; Suresh NR, Convener, United Bengaluru; Ramesh Sivaram, Secretary, Forward Foundation among others.

Students from the nearby schools also participated and extended their support in beautifying the lake. 

Golden Star Ganesh, Actor and Director said, “Just like our body gets dehydrated, our city is also getting dehydrated. Earlier we were getting water just by digging 300-400 ft, but now there is no water even after digging 1000 ft. It's important that we save water by protecting our lakes. Most of the lakes have disappeared due to vested interest and if we don’t come forward to protect them then there will be no water for our future generation. I am here to support United Bengaluru’s initiative to protect lakes and I am ready to fight along with them.” 

Sridhar PabbisettySuresh NR, Convener, United Bengaluru said, “We are very happy to see more participation from people. Today we have had Golden Star Ganesh and Shilpa Ganesh joining the #UnitedBengaluru movement. We look forward to many more such participation to make this movement even more successful and lead it from the front.”

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