Gleneagles Global Hospitals launches a new facility in Bengaluru

Mr. Thomas Mathew, COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bengaluru, Dr Jagprag Singh Gujral, Group COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group, Dr K. Ravindranath, Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group, Mr Ramesh Krishnan, CEO of India Operations Division, Parkway Pantai, Mr Manpreet Sohal, Regional CEO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Dr. BS Ravindra, Chief Medical Gastroenterologist, Gleneagles Global Hospital, His Holiness Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamigalu, President, Sree Siddaganga Math, Dr Jagprag Singh Gujral, Group COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group, Mr Manpreet Sohal, Regional CEO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Dr K. Ravindranath, Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group 

Bangalore,April 7, 2017:Today,Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise launched its latestfacility in Richmond Road, Bengaluru. This unit is the 9th hospitalin the group’s network.Spread over 15,000 sqft, Gleneagles Global Hospitals,Richmond Road houses more than 10 core specialties, armed with state-of-the-artequipment, advanced diagnostics and offering multi-disciplinary high-endpatient care.

The launchwas announced in the presence of Dr K. Ravindranath, Chairman and Founder,Gleneagles Global Hospitals and Mr Ramesh Krishnan, CEO, India OperationsDivision, Parkway Pantai Limited. The inaugural function was honoured by HisHoliness Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamigalu, President, Sree Siddaganga Math, Rev.Sri Sri Prakashanatha Swamiji, Managing Director, BGS Health & EducationTrust, Sri N A Haris, MLA, Shanthinagar and Sri M B Dwarakanath,Corporator, Shanthalanagar 

On thisoccasion,Dr K. Ravindranath,Chairman and Founder, Gleneagles GlobalHospitalssaid, “Global Hospitals has served Karnataka since 2007. Our commitmenthas given to Karnataka its largest and most successful multi-organ transplantprogram in the region at our quaternary care facility at Kengeri, Bengaluru.Coming together of Global Hospitals and Parkway Pantai now gives us a new brandidentity, Gleneagles Global Hospitals. Our new hospital at Richmond Road is asignificant addition to our ongoing efforts inmedical excellence.”

Adding tothis, Mr Ramesh Krishnan, CEO, India Operations Division, ParkwayPantai Limited said, “Gleneagles Global Hospital Richmond Road is thelatest extension of our network in India. The facility serves central locationswithin Bengaluru. We have put together a team of senior doctors and seasonedprofessionals united with passion for health care. Combining latest in medicaltechnology and customised service, I am sure that this team will win hearts ofNamma Bengaluru.”


· Thecentre for cardiac sciences will provide a comprehensive set of diagnostic andtherapeutic services for patients with heart, vascular and thoracic conditions.The department will offer cutting-edge technology and therapies, such ascatheter based valve interventions and minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

· Thedepartment of neuro sciences will provide treatment for a broad spectrum ofneurological disorders including stroke emergency management and rehabilitationservices.

· Theshort stay surgical specialties institute at Richmond facility will gather foursurgical specialties across a broad spectrum of surgical needs. The focus is onadvanced urological services, state-of-the-art ear, nose and throat services,plastic reconstructive surgery as well as routine, complex general surgeryprocedures.

· Thecentre for digestive disease will bring together highly specialized medical andsurgical specialists to treat disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract.Therapies such as minimally invasive surgeries, therapeutic endoscopy will beutilized to treat and improve quality of life for patients suffering fromdisorders of the gall bladder, pancreas, oesophagus, stomach, liver, smallintestine and colon.

· Therespiratory and critical care center will provide comprehensive services forlung and breathing disorders. Advanced interventional bronchoscope, ultrasound,and ablation therapies bring the latest in treatment to patients.

· TheCenter for Orthopaedic truly believes that a comprehensive treatment startingwith medical management and functional rehabilitation treats most cases. Forexceptional and serious damages they use advanced surgical techniques whichallow quick and accurate recovery with long-lasting results. With a reputationfor outstanding results and patient care our teams are committed to all theirpatients equally.

GleneaglesGlobal Hospitals began its journey in India as Global Hospitals from 1999,bringing to India its first multi-organ transplant centre & advancedgastroenterology services at Hyderabad. In 2008, Global Hospitals spread itspresence with the opening of tertiary care centers in Bengaluru, Chennai &Mumbai. The chain is now part of the Parkway Pantai group as it seeks to leverageParkway’s International expertise for medical excellence and management ofworld class hospitals and is now renamed Gleneagles Global Hospitals acrossIndia.

AboutGleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise: Gleneagles Global Hospitals is partof Parkway Pantai, a fully owned subsidiary of IHH Healthcare. In India,Gleneagles Global Hospitals operates a chain of multi-super specialty hospitalsoffering tertiary and quaternary healthcare services with over 2,000 beds andstate-of the-art, world-class hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore andMumbai. A pioneer in kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants, GleneaglesGlobal Hospitals provides comprehensive multi-organ transplant services in thecountry.

GleneaglesGlobal Hospitals aims to strengthen and expand its leading market position as adestination for multi-organ transplant for patients from India, Middle East,Africa and South East Asia. We are committed to further our aspiration ofmaking quality health care more accessible to all.


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