Experience Shekhawati ‘Fresco Fine Art’ festival at Kesariya

Bangalore, April 17th 2017: Kesariya, Bangalore's first Shekhawat restaurant is hosting ‘Fresco Fine Art’ festival from 14th April to 23rd April to showcase the art of Fresco painting. Three artists from Rajasthan will be a part of the ten day festival to demonstrate some of the finest fresco paintings from the desert region. Along with live paintings sessions, Kesariya will also offer a specially curated menu for the summer season.

Fresco paintings from Shekhawati region are unique in themselves. They are intricate, colourful and fascinating to look at.  The havelis in the region boasts of detailed and complex fresco art works that are no less than a spectacle. The extravagance of these paintings highlight the opulent history of Rajasthan. Fresco paintings have received tremendous patronage and encouragement from the kings of Rajasthan. The gigantic havelis were profusely painted with fresco paintings depicting gods, kings, flowers and scenes from everyday life. 

The Fresco painting artists or Chiteras as they are called have been practising the art of fresco painting for decades.  In an effort to introduce Fresco art to a larger audience, Kesariya will bring in three chiteras who are known for their rich experience in the art form.  Budhi Prakash, a 60 Year old Fresco artist from Jaipur along with 35 year old Pawan and Sohan from Trivenidham will showcase some of their best creations at ‘Fresco Fine Art’ festival at Kesariya. 

While you experience the rich history and culture of Shekhawat region, indulge in the best of summer delicacies with a specially curated menu. What better way to kickstart the summer season than with mangoes? From Aam ki Lassi to Aam Ras to Mango Kesariya Kulfi, Kesariya offers a wide variety of mango dishes to fulfill your love for mangoes. If you are craving for quintessential Rajasthani food, try the Dal Bati Churma, Bajre ki roti and Kesariya Shrikand. That’s not all! With an expansive thali with over 30 items,  Kesariya gives you a chance to experience that best of flavours from hinterlands of Rajasthan. 

When:What: Where: Cost: 595/-  (inclusive of taxes)

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