Deeksha Students Soar high at PU 2, 2017

Bangalore, 15 May 2017 The Karnataka PU Results for the year 2017, was declared on 11 May here in Bangalore. Deeksha students and staff across are celebrating their outstanding results. With 7 students from Science and 3 from Commerce bagging place within the top 10 has proved why the Deeksha methodology is student learning and success oriented.

The 3rdhighest scorer in the state Sahana N (Pic inset) scored a whopping 594/600 inScience from Deeksha Centre for Learning PU College said “The teachers were theprimary reason for my success. They teaching style enables us to absorb contentwithout much effort and clear our doubts on time. They create a friendlyenvironment and make studying fun. Being in Deeksha also provided me with agood set of friends with the same mindset that helped us even more. I thankDeeksha for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to study under theiradministration. 

Viswajit PHedge from Deeksha Centre For Learning PU College scored 590/600, a state 2ndRank holder in the JEE Main 2017 and a state 1st Rank holder in class X, saidthe pressure to perform was there because, I had to be consistent given myacademic track record in school. My family and me are overwhelmed not just bythe result I got but also of the decision to join Deeksha, which has providedme a lot of support in achieving my goal, the material and the coachingprovided is just excellent. It is a very good place to study in a focussed,systematic manner with ample time for games, recreation and self-study.

Sindhu V,another student from Deeksha Tyagarajnagar (SGPTA PU College ) scored 589/600is Science said “This is one of my most happy and exciting day of my life, myjourney with Deeksha has been awesome. The college atmosphere for a studentaspiring to succeed is perfect, with respect to my academics Deeksha has givenme so much. I owe my success to my teachers and this institution.”

The Commercestudents too, excelled in their performance by securing 3 places in the Top 10.Pooja Murali (Pic inset) from Deeksha Rajajinagar (Gouthama PU College) whoscored 593/600 secured the 3rd highest score in the state and was extremelythrilled of her performance said,  “I really want to thank Deeksha forhelping me achieve my dream. The sDeeksha toppers camp help me to overcome myloopholes and all teachers were very supportive and motivating. I for surewould urge students to come experience Deeksha and realise their academicaspirations.”

Anothertopper Varshini from Deeksha Kolar (Chimmaya PU College) scored592/600 said, “I am yet digest what I have achieved and I’m feeling very happy, I don’t havewords to express it. College plays a very important role and I did not even gofor tuitions as the college covered everything and all the concepts wereexplained very well and the college made studying easy for us. Deeksha hasgiven confidence and hope to students like me from tier 2 cities can alsoachieve their dreams, by joining the right institutions and staying focussed.”

Speakingabout the performance Dr. Sridhar G, MD Deeksha said, it is moments like these,that strengthens our conviction that we as an institution should just focus ondoing the right things and do things right and that will ensure success. 

Some of thekey highlights year is bagging 7 slots in the top 10 of Science, 3 in Commerce,overall of 1222 distinctions, 2117 first classes and close to 500 centum is anincredible performance bys our students. I am happy that we at Deeksha havebeen able to nurture the success of about 45000 students in the past 18 oddyears and will continue to do so in future. But I must thank the parents forentrusting the most crucial 2 years of their child’s life with us and our staffwho have gone beyond call of duty regularly to nurture the success of everychild who is in our institution. We are looking forward to many more suchcelebrations, he added.  

PhotoCaption: Striking a pose: Deekshaites strike a pose to the media, beforecommencing their celebration. Inset: Shana N (3rd Topper Science), Pooja Murali(3rd Topper Commerce)

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