Celebrate the 3rd International Day of Yoga

Bangalore, June 20, 2017 - Supporting the call by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to celebrate the 3rd International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2017, MyGov will complement the effort by providing an avenue for sharing pictures of three generations of the family practicing Yoga. MyGov, the Government of India’s citizen engagement platform under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has included this activity in the New India Championship, which is a unique initiative towards inclusion and participation by citizens in governance.

Alongsidethe International Yoga Day celebrations, MyGov has invitedpeople to share photographs of three generations of family members practisingyoga and submit them under the New India Championship, a two-month uniquecompetition on MyGov. The aim of the championship is to engage thecitizens of India to demonstrate how they would like tocontribute to build a ‘New India’. The activity planned for InternationalYoga Day fits in with this inspiring drive. The New India Championship includesa number of activities for citizens to participate and earn points. Inaddition, participants can also submit their slogans on what they believeconstitutes as the “New India”. 

Participantscan submit their entries using the hashtag #3GenYoga in theNew India Championship section of the 3 years’ website of MyGov – threeyears.mygov.in.

ShriGaurav Dwivedi, CEO, MyGov said, “We are very happy to take forward the vision set byour Prime Minister to ensure people’s participation. International Yoga day isone of the key mission of the government to bring together people on a commonplatform. Even as we engage and seek participation of people by submitting aphotograph of their families across three generations, we aim to invigorate thecore values of our society and help in strengthening the familial bond byensuring people get together participate as one unit.” 

The first InternationalDay of Yoga was celebrated in 2015 after the United Nations GeneralAssembly’s(UNGA) unanimous declaration on 11 December 2014, following Prime Minister ShriModi’s call. Ever since, this day has brought together people from all over theworld to unite behind a common goal of achieving fitness and wellness throughyoga. In order to mark the third celebration of this important day, it isbefitting that three generations of family members come together to share theirsupport for yoga. 

ShriDwivedi added, “Theaim of this novel initiative is to show that the ancient Indian practiceextends beyond the boundaries of age. The benefits that it brings to a person’sbody, mind and soul can be enjoyed equally by children and adults. Increasingresponsibilities and rapidly changing lifestyles have made day-to-day livesmore demanding. Even children today are becoming increasingly burdened withstress. By practising yoga together as a family and sharing the experience, weIndians can encourage people around the world to reap the benefits of thispractice. The Prime Minister has even said that this could play a crucial rolein the preventive healthcare movement.” 

Followingthe success of various competitions and awards announced last year onInternational Day of Yoga, this year will also focus on urging citizens toactively participate and promote yoga. Clicking and sharing photographs is easyand appealing, especially to the youth. In 2015, the government’s ‘Selfie withDaughter' campaign proved to be a big hit in engaging the citizens of thecountry. Sharing photographs of three generations of family members practisingyoga will build on such successful digital efforts that not only havemeaningful messages but are also fun activities that families can performtogether.

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