Brookefield Hospital, Whitefield – Bengaluru

The service comprises of a trained team of medical and paramedic professionals, who provide emergency care within minutes of the emergency on New Year’s Eve. Brookefield Hospital launches a free Emergency Services - "BEAST" on the New Year’s Eve on 31st December – 2016. The service will be available free of cost from 6pm of 31st December 2016 to 6am of 1st January 2017.This service focuses on providing emergency care at the site of the location and save a life during the Golden Hour. "Golden Hour" is the first hour after a traumatic injury or a critical health even, when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful.

The service comprises of a trained team of medical and paramedicprofessionals, who provide emergency care within minutes of the emergency. Theteams are always on standby. As soon as a call comes in, two of the personnelget started on a special purpose vehicle that can negotiate the city's traffic.The vehicle is also designed to carry essential medical devices likeventilators, oxygen cylinders, ECG machines, medicines and other supplies.Thus, the service takes the medical expertise along with needed supplies to thesite of emergency, be it home, office or roadside. It sets up a mini ICU tostabilise the patient, and having saved the life during the Golden Hour, ithelps patients to shift to a hospital of their choice if needed. If you see anyroad side medical emergency or accident, immediately call BEAST at8880223344.The service can also be accessed using BEAST App from Android Play Store. 

More than 90 minutes are lost in a typical Indian urban set up before anemergency service attends to the patient. Time is lost in accessing theservice, determining the precise location of the patient, Rushing the ambulanceand finally shifting the patient to the hospital. Thus precious minutes of the“Golden Hour” are lost, severally impairing the chances of saving a life. 

The new service is called "BEAST". It is an aspirational name,since "Beast" is also a nickname for the Presidential car in USA, andstands for top notch capabilities to act in case of emergencies. Dr. T JPradeep Kumar, Medical Director of Brookfield Hospital, feels that Beast ismore than a service. It is a platform for collaboration between differentmedical centers is the hospitals, labs or ambulance service so that togetherthey can save precious lives. Currently available in Whitefield area, BEASTservices will be available in the Bangalore metropolis over next one firstyear, and through a phased plan rolled out in other regions across the country.Citizens can call 888-091-0000 or visit toregister for the new service.

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