Behind every successful Entrepreneur is their father

The popular saying “Behind every successful man, there’s a women” has gone well with India’s patriarchal society but the notion took a twist when Fathers emerged as strong pillars in reshaping the careers of their Children. When it comes to entrepreneurship, fathers are the best mentors, guiding light and pillar of strength for their Kids' unexplored journey of entrepreneurship.

Here are best piece of advice shared by Founders given by their fathers: 

Raghav Chandra, Co-Founder UrbanClap: 

My father is my oldest and greatest friend and support pillar. I remember him helping me through my first startup - he travelled down for days to help hiring and operations sharing the burden and stress. Little do I talk about it, but he always seems to be the one I take for granted. That in itself is the greatest sense of support. 

Neha Bagaria Founder & CEO, JobsForHer states hailing from a Marwari family, entrepreneurship runs in the blood. "My father is an entrepreneur himself and I was pretty sure I would walk down that path as well. He was always on board with my career choices. He supported me, pushed me and motivated me to strive harder to achieve my career goals. 

His best advice that has remained with me in my entrepreneurial journey is, “to always look five years into the horizon when making any big decisions. Don't focus on the short run; instead, keep a broader perspective.  Even with your career, it doesn't matter if you might have taken a break for a few years. What's a few years of break compared to the long span of a person's career? “ 

Vishwavijay Singh, Co-founder, shares, “My father is a very honest man, and he has always advised me to be one myself. One of the best advice he gave me was not to be deterred by poor short-term results, as there is always a silver lining that we cannot comprehend immediately, but becomes apparent over time. Lastly, one of his best practical advice that has served me well is to always combat stress with action instead of letting it drive you into passive despair. Not only does being active destress you, it also helps you focus on dealing with it positively." 

Sunil Gupta, Founder & Director, shares, "My father strongly advocated that experience is the greatest teacher.  A pillar of strength, he taught me that ‘We never lose. We either win or we learn.’ This mantra kept me going in trying times and I turned the failures into stepping stones for success. My father, an epitome of simplicity inspires me each day to keep everything in life simple, because pretentiousness; be it in processes or thoughts only makes it harder. Simplicity is hard to attain but it leads to success in personal and professional spheres of life, this is what I have experienced following my father’s advice."

GurinderSingh Bhatti, Chairman & MD, ESS Global shares, "My father had asmall establishment in Amritsar and I still remember I used to help him in hisbusiness at the young age and used to do the collection for him. He guided meto be honest and be fair towards the work you do as you need not to speak loud,your work speaks for you. He taught me to be competitive in healthy way ratherthan following the competition and be the follower. Aim for setting the newtrends and be the leader. These business acumen he taught me helped me in beingwhere I am today." 

VivekKejriwal, Founder & CEO, shares, “I can only advise you. Its upto you to takedecision.  If I stop you, out of respect you may obey me, next time youwill do of your own without asking”.

Shreenidhi,Co-founder, Flintobox says, "When I was in my 6th grade, I had to shift to a new city. Itwas a terrible feeling for me to leave everything behind -- my school, myfriends, my cozy little room and so many little things that I had growncomfortable with. It was the first time I was shifting to a new place andstarting things from scratch. To console me, he (father) used to say, “You’llnever forget your ‘first times’ whether you like them or not. And the more ofthese you experience, the more you get out of your life.”

From firmroots grow the beautiful leaves, the quote rightly portrays what youare today and what you will be tomorrow – your father’s support and timelyadvices will always play a great role in your life. 

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