Audi India plans 10 launches in 2017

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer has charted out an aggressive growth plan for India. The company has completed ten years in India this year and will celebrate it with around 10 launches during the year. The company has currently 94 customer touch points spread across India and is looking at expanding presence when it sees a viable opportunity.

Elaboratingon the company’s focus, Mr. Rahil Ansari, Head, Audi India said, “My firstpriority is to make 2017 as a year of ‘Audi Reloaded’ for us. What is reallyimportant to us is that now we look forward and want to get into top where webelonged in a sustainable manner. We want to be unique for the customers in allareas -- from the network experience to sales and after-sales experience.”  

“We areentering the segments where we have never been, starting this year, and in oneor two other segments, we will come up with a surprise. And, this is not toincrease the volume necessarily, but also that ‘halo’ factor, which we want tostand out with. You can take the example of Audi R8 and A3 Cabriolet. Thesemodels are high performance and lifestyle cars. We are not much into volumesfor that, but to build the aspirations and brand for Audi,” added Mr.Ansari. 

Audi is apioneer in creating entry-level luxury segment. The company was the first tolaunch the Audi Q3 and thus create an entry-level segment for luxury SUVaficionados. The introduction of the Audi A3 Sedan saw the start of theentry-level luxury sedan market. 

“We havereceived great response from our customers for the Audi Q3 and Audi A3 Sedanand both the products till date enjoy leadership in their respective segments.In addition to the Audi A4 and Audi Q3, all of our other models are doing goodand we are quite happy with the balance of the sedans and SUVs. We are lookingat expanding in both sedan segments and also the Q portfolio. We are happy withAudi A6 and Audi Q7 also, Audi Q7 being the first luxury SUV that we hadbrought to India and now in its second generation, it is a tremendous successand we are happy,” added Mr. Ansari.

Audi startedthis year with the introduction of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet. The successfulcompact luxury convertible was first showcased in India in 2014 and isreceiving an overwhelming response from Audi’s young and young at heartcustomers. Audi followed this up with the launch of the new Audi A4 with adiesel engine. This was followed by the launch of the new Audi Q3 with some newengine options and the new Audi A3 Sedan in April. 

Commentingon the new Audi A4 for which a drive was held recently in the city, Mr. Ansarisaid, “The Audi A4’s 2.0 litre TDI four-cylinder engine, integrated with newlydeveloped combustion methods sets a benchmark in fuel economy; the redesigned 7Speed S tronic transmission and a comprehensive line-up of infotainment andassistance systems make the elusive combination of power and efficiency areality. The engine produces maximum power of 190hp. With the all-new Audi A435TDI, we are yet again setting the bar a notch higher. The all-new Audi A4 35TDI is a groundbreaking synthesis of technology and aesthetics. The technologyavailable on the earlier Audi A4 has been redeveloped so that it yet againdefines the benchmark in the segment. Whether its efficiency, drivability orhigh-class infotainment, the new Audi A4  again raises the bar in itssegment.”   

Audi Indiahas also seen a huge potential in tier-1 and tier-2 cities as well, wherecustomers are exhibiting an increased appetite for luxury cars and are aware ofthe product portfolio and quality our brand offers. 

There is aclear increase in demand for Audi products in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Audi isseeing a double-digit growth in these markets. However tier-1 cities continueto contribute a large share to Audi’s sales.  

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