Asahi India Glass Ltd. launches 2 new designs under its Opal Trendz series

Bangalore, 23th May, 2017: Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS), India’s leading integrated glass company introduced 2 more designs under its Opal Trendz series. Opal Trendz is the first-of-its-kind patterned reflective glass which provides a unique glazing solution by creating a delightful play of light and colour. The two new patterns added are Cross Hatch and T-Weave.

Vikram Khanna, COO – CMO, Asahi India Glass Limited said “In our endeavor to rejuvenate our product portfolio periodically andoffer greater choice to customers, we are happy to announce launch of newdesigns in Opal Trendz series. We foresee Opal Trendz to making inroadsespecially in rural areas and interior glass applications. This product willfind usage beyond exterior applications. Opal Trendz offers a unique combination of solar controltechnology, shades and patterns, giving a new dimension to living spaces.”

Available as:

Shades: Royal Blue, Cool Green, Golden Bronze, Pearl Grey, AquaBlue, Olive Green.

Patterns: Mini squares, Box stripes, Cross hatch, T-weave

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