Ameyo Contact Center Announces Integration with Zendesk to Deliver Powerful Voice Capabilities

Bengaluru, June 6, 2017: Ameyo, a leading innovator of contact center technology and customer experience solutions, announces its integration with Zendesk. Utilizing the Zendesk API, the integration combines Ameyo’s powerful call management features with Zendesk’s flexible customer support software to deliver remarkable and consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Ameyo is anall-in-one omnichannel communication suite with advanced call managementfeatures such as conference calling, call hold, and call forwarding, along withthe traditional inbound and outbound telephony. Ever since its inception, Ameyohas demonstrated itself as a leader in the omnichannel customer experience (CX)and contact center technology space, consistently developing customer-centricsolutions to drive customer engagement and retention. 

WhileZendesk is a global leader in providing end-to-end solutions for enhancedcustomer experiences, they were on the lookout for a suitable partner toprovide voice capabilities in key markets for Zendesk, including India. Throughthe API integration, agents can now use the Zendesk interface to complete taskswithout toggling between multiple applications for voice support. 

SachinBhatia, Co-Founder & Executive VP at Ameyo, commented, “An integratedomnichannel customer experience is critical for today's Enterprises. WithZendesk’s contact center integration, Ameyo has brought enterprise gradecontact center and quality monitoring capabilities to Zendesk customers inIndia. This would help establish a 360 degree customer view and, therefore,enhance accountability between the front office contact center and back officecontact center.” 

KTPrasad, Country Sales Director at Zendesk, adds "Zendesk is firmly committed to itscustomers in fulfilling their end to end customer support needs, and we areexcited about our partnership with Ameyo in India. Integration of voice in ourservice portfolio through Ameyo will only bolster our offerings in the regionand help further consolidate our position in the enterprise sector." 

Byintegrating Ameyo with Zendesk, businesses in India can utilize thebest of both worlds to enhance customer service, case management, andpersonalization, resulting in better relationships with customers. The two-waycollaboration offers: 

  • Multichannel Customer Interaction Management with Inbound, outbound and blended capabilities
  • Automated outbound dialing ensures lowest abandoned calls, eliminates unproductive calls, and intelligently manages leads & campaigns without the need for any additional resources.
  • Flexible ticket and case management with automated workflows facilitates effective customer service between customers and agents
  • Robust reporting, graphs, and advanced analytics on both customers and agents

IntelligentAgent Routing capability built into Ameyo ensures increased operationalflexibility and improves first-call resolution by routing customers to the mostrelevant resource. Additionally, Ameyo’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)widget ensures agents are fully-equipped with all the customer intelligenceneeded to effectively deal with a query - including voice transcripts,recordings, and complete service & interaction history. The simple screenpop improves agent productivity, minimizes talk time, and delivers morepersonalized communications, positively impacting customer experience. 

The collaboration truly takes customerexperience to a whole new level, helping businesses deliver superior andcost-effective customer experiences.To learn more about the integration, please visit

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