ABB India restores crucial power infrastructure in record time for Karnataka

BENGALURU, MARCH 21, 2017: ABB india has restored and modernized the critical 1,035 mw sharavathi hydropower plant in karnataka, which approximately accounts for 25 percent of the state utility karnataka power corporation’s power generation. the india smart grid foundation (isgf) innovation award, one of india’s most prestigious ones, recognized abb india’s efforts by awarding the “smart technology of the year 2016” to this project. The Sharavathi project with seamless integration of complete plant data is an example of ABB’s future-ready technologies enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and aligns with the government’s push for 24x7 reliable power for all with focus on smart power infrastructure and digitalization. Bengaluru, which is home to ABB’s headquarters in India, has over 1,550 engineers and technologists working across the entire power value chain solutions, helping power producers operate their plants in a more optimal and reliable way.

“We are delighted to receive this honor. This is a testimonyto our customer focus and speed, complementing ABB’s next level automationplatform with timely delivery and execution,” said Ahmad Khan, Vice President,Power Generation and Water, ABB India Limited. “Such projects will be key torealizing the objective of India’s National Smart Grid Mission, for customersto reap the full benefits of digitalization with seamless integration therebycontributing to reliable supply of electricity,” he added. 

Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL), the state-ownedelectric utility, in-charge of Sharavathi, expected the renovation of itssecond largest generating station to take two years. Working round the clock,the ABB team with support from KPCL management, helped restore the entire plant– comprising ten units - in just six months. The restoration and modernizationwill help lower overall costs generally associated with higher capex andmaintenance costs for individual systems like advanced alarm management andremote communication with the state power grid and KPCL headquarters.  Basedon Symphony Plus, ABB’s flagship automation system for power generation andwater industries, the solution implemented will seamlessly integrate theplant’s generating and electrical processes into a common system allowingoperators to monitor and control the entire plant – its 10 generating units,governor, switchyard and protection systems, from a single screen, either inthe plant or by remote. 

ABB is a pioneering technology leader inelectrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and powergrids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport &infrastructure globally. Continuing more than a 125-year history of innovation,ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization and driving theEnergy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ABB operates in more than 100countries with about 132,000 employees.

ABB India in Bengaluru

ABB has been at the forefront of the evolving city ofBengaluru for years. The power solution for the now ubiquitous Namma Metro,which included a challenging underground stretch, was provided by ABB. Thisalso includes a state-of-the-art monitoring SCADA system which providespredictive analysis of possible failure, leads to zero downtime, which meanstrains leave and reach destinations safely and on time. From commuting toenergy, the nation’s first statewide feeder-level integrated, advancedmonitoring system for electricity supply was executed by ABB for Karnataka.Sharing live data to the control room, forming one of the largest intra-net ofthings with utility SCADA installations. ABB has also worked closely with thecity water distribution system deploying GSM technology to send signals to thecentral SCADA system for monitoring while SMSes can be used to track waterusage. In a bid to counter the pollution of the city’s lakes, for the largestones, ABB is providing end–to-end solutions from powering to measuringprocesses, control and remote monitoring of the sewage treatment plants. Theseplants will more than double the sewage treatment capacity in the catchmentarea of the lakes. As one drives just outside Bengaluru, one might also spotsolar powered water pumps at work in the lush fields. ABB has innovated todevelop drives which enable farmers to use pumps powered by the sun moreeffectively, making the usage of environment polluting diesel redundant. Morethan 50 percent of India’s solar energy generated passes through ABB equipmentmanufactured mostly in Bengaluru.

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