A. O. Smith’s Parag Kulkarni named one of 100 most trusted CEOs of 2017

Bangalore, May 9, 2017 — Mr. Parag Kulkarni, Managing Director of A. O. Smith India Water Products Pvt., Ltd., has been named as one of the 100 Most Trusted CEOs of 2017, in the third edition of WCRC Superfest held recently in New Delhi .

Recipientsare chosen based on their performance, ethics, and values along with companyperformance.  “India’s Most Trusted CEOs 2016-2017 is about the CEOs whohave steered their organizations to great heights in the last financial year,”according to WCRC.

Commentingon the achievement Mr. Parag Kulkarni said, “This award is not justabout me, it reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire A. O. Smithteam.  We continuously seek ways to better serve our water heater andwater treatment customers throughout India.”

Mr.Kulkarni, who joined A. O. Smith as managing director in 2015, helped launchthe company’s line of reverse osmosis and RO + SCMT residential water purifiersin India.  The premium line of water purifiers is available in eight ofthe largest cities in India with plans to expand market coverage to 17 citieslater this year.  The company also is a leading manufacturer ofresidential water heaters designed specifically for Indian consumers includingelectric storage, electric instant, and air-to-heat units.  Numerous A. O.Smith water heaters come with the BEE five-star rating.

 “Ibelieve another important factor that contributes to this recognition is A. O.Smith’s global values, which are embraced by employees throughout the company,” Mr.Kulkarni continued.  “We believe in doing business with uncompromisinghonesty and integrity, and I know our customers appreciate that commitment. All of our employees receive extensive training on our guiding principlesand doing business the correct way—it is a reason why our company has prosperedfor 143 years.”

Mr. Kulkarniis a member of the India CEO Forum and is on the CII National Committee ofDesign. He is also on the jury of Superbrands India.  Earlier this year,he was named one of the 50 Most Impactful Leaders in Water and Water Management.

A. O. Smithentered the Indian water heating market in 2008 and offers an extensive line ofresidential water heating products designed for Indian consumers.  In2010, the company opened a 76,000 square feet manufacturing operation inBangalore and expanded it to 297,000 square feet and began manufacturing waterpurification products in 2015. 

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