A night of excellence in automobile and luxury by BBC TopGear

BBC TopGear India, the most credible name in the automotive-lifestyle segment, associated with The World Towers by the Lodha Group, the premium real estate brand that aims to redefine the art of luxury living and Maserati, the Italian luxury car manufacturer to put up a grand show last night. Arvind Subramanian, Regional CEO, Lodha Group was the speaker for the event and Girish Karkera, Editor, BBC TopGear presided over the evening. Maserati was represented by Mr Sukhbir Bagga – Managing Director, Petal Group, dealer partner for Maserati in India in the western region.

The essenceof the luxurious lifestyle offered by The World Towers was brought to life lastnight as these iconic brands put forth an exceptional night of visual artextravaganza, organized exclusively for art connoisseurs and automobile experts. Attendedby the city’s elitist, the highlight of the eventful evening was the Ghibli's firstever appearance in the form of a gorgeous paper installation which enthralledthe audiences. The guests also witnessed an exciting auto display of the latestGhibli by Maserati around the grand dancing fountains at The World Towersentrance. 

The firstMaserati Ghibli, the mark “I”, was launched in 1967 as a two door, two-seatergrand tourer with a V8 engine, exemplified by the paper art installation.Today’s Maserati Ghibli range offers unmistakable class, top-qualityperformance and a thrilling yet comfortable drive in an eye-catching four-doorsports executive sedan. 

Commentingon the successful event Girish Karkera, Editor BBC TopGear said, “It's not every day that we see twoiconic brands coming together. For every auto enthusiast, we have ourfavourites and the Maserati Ghibli is one such name that exudes a unique aura.To unveil an art installation that celebrates the name we had to come to thisexclusive venue that is the World Towers by Lodha. It's a moment that's goingto be etched in my memory for sure.” 

Thecapacious arena also displayed an exhibit of BBC TopGear’s records of theamazing Maserati cars from the past. Later in the evening there was a soulfullive performance by the exceptional Luke Kenny, where his bandpaid a tribute to the iconic brands and their customers. As entertainment forthe audience, this was followed by a stand-up comedy act by the comicstar, Rahul Subramanian. 

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