ZEN Sports and Fitness Organizes National Open Karate Championship 2012

[caption id="attachment_17054" align="alignleft" width="448"] (Left to right) H.Balakrishana(Winner of national open karate championship )Mr. Praveen Sood(ADGP)[/caption]

Bangalore 25th November 2012: Zen Sports and Fitness is organized the National Open Karate Championship which ended today at Koramangala Indoor Stadium. This tournament is the first in India conforming to international rules and regulations of karate. More than 700 karatekas from 12 Indian states are participating in the tournament.

 The tournament took place in almost 70 different categories. The age groups for championships are divided into below 7 yrs, 7-10 yrs, 10-13 yrs, 13-16 yrs and above 16 yrs. Besides Boys and Girls groupings, there are prizes to be won in categories of White to Orange belt, Green to Brown belt, Black belt, Kumite for Colour Belt, Kumite for Black Belt in each age group and in different weight categories.

 In view of the inclusion of karate as a sport in the 2016 Olympics, the tournament aims to offer budding Indian karatekas exposure to international tournament conditions. The idea is to introduce participants to international rules, regulations, refereeing, scoring, and safety conditions.

[caption id="attachment_17055" align="alignleft" width="448"] Karnaik Shivadas (Second winner of national open karate championship) with Smt. Ashwini Nachappa(Olympian)[/caption]

The tournament has many firsts to its credit. It adheres to the international system of scoring using a digital scoreboard system displaying scores, time, and fouls, thereby ensuring transparency in the competition. Experienced international referees from all over the country are overseeing the championship. Participant safety is another primary focus in the tournament and hence the entire event is being conducted on rubber mats.

 Key Results of the day:

Open Karate Cahampionship is won by H.Balakrishana(from Tamil Nadu) & Karnik Shivadas(Mysore)

Black Belt group (Girls) – Heena(1st),Kusheel.L(2nd),G.Srishti & B. Thennarasi(3rd)

Black Belt group (Boys) - Abhishek.A(1st),Dharanish(2nd),Prem Kumar & Vasanth Kumar(3rd)

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