Bangalore- The commitment and confidence of Charity Partner Bangalore cares and event promoters Procam International in reaping optimum benefits for charity from the unique platform provided by the Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bangalore 2012 was vindicated, with the amounts raised for charity through the event crossing the Rs 3 crore mark.

Rs. 3.06 crores in clearly-tracked figures raised for charity.
Association of People with Disabilities is the highest pledge raising NGO for the fifth year running with Rs 72.17 lacs.
Marks & Spencer raised the highest amount among teams in Corporate Cares collecting Rs 9.98 lacs.
V. S. Basavaraju is the highest individual pledge raiser among Care Champions with Rs 15.82 lacs.
Jacqueline Colaco emerged the highest individual pledge raising woman among Care Champions with Rs 10.11 lacs.
Ganesh Hegde the highest iCare pledge raising male with Rs 5.87 lacs, while Josephine Joseph raised Rs 3.36 lacs to emerge the highest iCare pledge raising woman.
[caption id="attachment_11604" align="alignright" width="480" caption="Dignitaries are unveiling the Charity Docket (L to R), Pravin Sood, I.P.S., Additional DGP, Bangalore City, M K Baladeva Krishna, IAS, Director Youth Services & Sports, Govt. of Karnataka, Murray Culshaw of Bangalore Cares, face of the event Puneet Rajkumar, I. M. Perumal (I.A.S.,Principal Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of Karnataka) and Mr. E S Chakravarthy, Centre Head Bangalore, TCS, the Title Sponsor."][/caption]

While the charity drive associated with the World 10K Bangalore has always maintained a healthy upward growth, the fifth edition of the TCS World 10K Bangalore, which was run on May 27, 2012 has helped generate in excess of a whopping Rs 3.06 crores for charity, featuring an exponential increase of about Rs 1.21 crores over the figure of Rs 1.85 crores raised through the last edition of the event in 2011.

In a healthy indication that Bangalore has a strong giving side, the amounts raised for charity through the World's Premier 10K Run had increased from Rs 41.35 lacs in the first year, to Rs 1.31 crores in the second year, Rs 1.41 crores in 2010 and top Rs 1.85 crores in 2011. According to the latest figures received Bangalore cares, the figure for 2012 stands at Rs 3.06 crores in clearly tracked figures and still counting.

This was announced by Murray Culshaw, Founder Chairman, Bangalore cares at a special function held at the ITC Windsor Manor, Bengaluru, the Hospitality Partner, on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.

[caption id="attachment_11605" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="Puneet Rajkumar addressing the media"][/caption]

Sharing the stage with Bangalore cares was Mr. E S Chakravarthy, Centre Head Bangalore, Tata Consultancy Services, the Title Sponsor, who officially released the Charity Docket, along with 'Face of the Event' Puneet Rajkumar. Also present on the occasion was Mr. Atul Bhalla, General Manager of ITC Windsor, Bengaluru and Vivek B Singh, Jt. Managing Director of Procam International, the promoters of the event. The occasion was also used to announce the winners of the various categories of the People's Green Awards.

The selfless efforts by the, Bangaloreans have ensured that the TCS World 10K Bangalore continues to remain one of the top charity generating events in the country, living up to the rich tradition set by major distance running events around the world.

Host city Bangalore, which has a rich heritage of supporting causes of charity, as well as philanthropy, set a high benchmark in the second year itself, with the Rs 1.31 crores raised in 2009, heralding a quantum leap of more than 300 per cent over the figure of Rs 41.35 lacs raised in 2008. While that was a tremendous success story, the progress since then has been steady and encouraging.

Considering the event is still relatively young as compared to other distance running events in the country and around the

[caption id="attachment_11606" align="alignright" width="480" caption="L-R: GK. Mahantesh receiving Star Green Award from Power Star Puneet Rajkumar also seen Girish, Director, Parisara & Atul Bhalla, GM, ITC Windsor Hotel"][/caption]

world, this noble and selfless effort from the citizens of Bangalore justifiably ranks it right there among the top. This was announced by Murray Culshaw, Founder Chairman, Bangalore cares at a special function held at the ITC Windsor, Bengaluru, the Hospitality Partner, on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.

The TCS World 10K Bangalore 2012 saw in excess of 21,000 people participate in the run. A field of top class male and female athletes from India and abroad participated in the Elite Races.

The Open 10K event and the Majja Run saw the entire city come together on one platform, cutting across all barriers to once again demonstrate the magic of a mass event like the TCS World 10K Bangalore.

"Bangalore cares is happy to be the Official Charity Partner for the TCS World 10K Bangalore. Procam International professionally promoted and managed this excellent event - with almost 22,000 runners. We were equally happy to partner the charities (NGOs) in and around Bangalore, to help them raise funds for their selfless services to the community.

We had 22 Corporate Care teams, 6900 individual donors including 27 Care Champions, who together gave over Rs.3.06 crores to 66 charities. This is Rs.1.21 crores over what Bangaloreans contributed to Charities in last year's Run.

We are building a great opportunity for charities to raise vitalresources to sustain and expand services. Starting with approximately Rs. 40 lakh five years ago; this year's Rs. 3 crores brings the total charity income we have raised to Rs. 8 crore; a wonderful tribute to all involved, and an important boost to the charities that serve our community

Where will all this money go? There are many causes ranging from street kids to senior citizens, victims of drugs, AIDS and cancer, the disabled and the dying, the environment and animal care, civil and human rights - a whole range of good work, of service to the needy, all part of our Bangalore which cares," said Murray Culshaw.

"A distance running event is an incredible sporting platform with a huge social dimension. As with the other events we conduct, the TCS World 10K Bangalore has the potential to quickly become the country's largest charity generator and the driving force for a healthier and fitter India," said Vivek B. Singh, Joint Managing Director of Procam International, the promoters of the event.

The Association of People with Disability benefited the most from its well wishers, with all the individuals who emerged the highest collectors of money for charity, affiliated to it.

V. S. Basvaraju more than doubled the amount raised from last year, emerging the highest pledge raiser among men from the Care Champions, raising Rs 15.82 lacs, as compared to Rs 7.07 lacs in 2011, for Association of People with Disability, while Jacqueline Colaco was the top pledge raiser among Care Champion women, collecting Rs 10.12 lacs, also for The Association of People with Disability. Ganesh Hegde emerged the highest pledge raiser in the iCare category, raising Rs 5.88 lacs for The Association of People With Disability.

Marks & Spencer, India led the way among corporates, raising Rs 9.98 lacs to emerge the highest pledge raising company, while among the NGOs it was the Association for People with Disability on top for the fifth year in a row with Rs 72.16 lacs, followed by Provision Asia at Rs 20.14 lacs and Dream A Dream at Rs. 17.38 lacs.

The huge increase in the amounts raised for charity through the TCS World 10K Bangalore 2012 as compared to the last edition can be put in perspective with a comparison between some of the key figures.

6902 people pledged money this year as compared to 5849 in 2011, benefiting 66 NGOs as compared to 60. The total amount generated was in excess of Rs 3.06 crores as compared to Rs 1.85 crores in 2011. 5598 pledges of Rs 1,000 or more were received this year as compared to 2676 last year, while the highest individual pledge raiser from among Care Champions raised Ra 15.82 lacs this year as compared to Rs 7.07 lacs in 2011. The Association of People with Disability improved on their performance this year, raising a whopping Rs 72.16 lacs as compared to Rs 49.29 lacs in 2011.

With nine editions of the Mumbai Marathon, seven editions of the Delhi Half Marathon and five editions of the World 10K Bangalore conducted successfully, distance running as a movement is generating momentum at an astronomical rate. Besides propagating the ideals of helping develop a sports culture, health, fitness, and a clean life, these events also promote positive social attributes.

It's been a momentous five -year journey for the Bangalore World 10K since its inception in 2008, with the event setting benchmarks in terms of elite athlete participation, the involvement of the city and the amount of money raised for charity. However, there is much ground to cover and we all await the day when every single participant trains hard, sets personal goals and feels personal pride in raising money for charity.

About Bangalore cares

Bangalore cares strengthens civil society initiatives within the state of Karnataka, India; improving and expanding civic, caring and developmental services to the people of Karnataka, with the help of the people of Karnataka and well-wishers wherever they live in India and indeed around the world. This requires making known the important services provided by the voluntary sector and assisting organisations to raise resources.

Bangalore cares also publishes Directories of various types; promotes the work of the sector through different forms of media; organises meetings of the voluntary sector bringing organisations together, citizens, corporates and the government; provides advisory services; and promotes transparency and accountability.

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About Procam International

In 1988, with a vision to provide a more holistic spend to the advertising rupee and a burning desire to ameliorate the prevailing professional standards for sportsmen, Anil and Vivek B. Singh created Procam International.

At a time when sports was considered the private domain of federations, who ran it as their personal fiefdoms, two people dared to dream large dreams and stand up for what they believed in.

Procam International is today a full-fledged sports management company, involved in the promotion of national and international sporting events, sports consultancy and live television programming.

Procam International has based its corporate philosophy on an open culture, with an emphasis on values and integrity. Procam International has promoted and conducted over 45 world events, which have elicited player participation of the highest caliber, as well as huge public interest.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the TCS World 10K in Bangalore are three of the most prestigious distance running events in the world. They are accredited by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) and certified by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) as Gold Label events.

This has established Procam International as the leading sports events creator in India. Its professionalism, attention to detail and dedication has won it the faith of its sponsors and partners.

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