Contours India hosts 3rd Edition of the yearly Women’s Day Run 

Bangalore, 15th February 2012: Contours India, the country’s first and leading international chain of women’s fitness studios, will hold the 3rd edition of the Contours India - Women’s Day Run, which will be held on 4th March, 2012 at the Sri Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bangalore.

The prime focus of the run is to encourage women and men of all ages to run on the occasion of international Women’s day (8th March) to empower the Indian Woman. The event is however going to be held on Sunday, 4th of March, for the sake of convenience. All citizens of the city are invited to have a good time running or even walking at the event, as it is not in all senses a competition, but also an event to have fun whilst celebrating womanhood and bringing in change for the future of the girl child.

The Run’s Charity partners are Parikrma Foundation and Asha. Proceeds from the run will go towards Parikrma Foundation and Asha to help educate the girl child. The event intends to raise money for educating the girl child through this effort. They do wonderful work in the field of education. They are non profit organizations that transform education for under-served children, so that these children have equal access to the best opportunities.

In recent years, Contours India has established a special relation with a fair chunk of Bangalore’s women populace and brought about a positive mind shift towards fitness and healthy living. Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Chandra Gopalan, Director - Contours India & a veteran marathon runner said, “Contours India invites Bangalore to wake up & experience the goodness of running, as you celebrate Women's Day with us. Let us join hands to empower Indian Women by educating the Girl Child. This run is an effort to celebrate the achievements and ambitions of the Indian Woman. We want women to embrace a healthy lifestyle and this run is a great start point. Women can walk or run, while men can run to make this day memorable for the women in their lives.” 

 Why do we run? There are some runners who run for the sheer joy of running but there are others who run for its multi faceted benefits. Some of these benefits include -

  • Improved Cardio vascular health
  • Improved bone health - Those who run regularly are less likely to experience bone and muscle loss as they age
  • Improved mood - Thanks to the release of mood enhancing endorphins
  • Better muscle coordination
  • Running is beneficial for slowing down the aging process
  • It helps you with a glowing skin which is due to improved blood circulation                                      

For women, running prevents or /reduces the risk of Osteoporosis & PMS. More importantly, running is a sport that can be done anywhere & at anytime. It gives you your own space, it liberates you! This time around, we run not only for the above benefits, we run for the Indian woman on the occasion of International women’s Day!

More details on the run -

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