RAYMOND WEIL inaugurates shop in shop in Bangalore; strengthens South India operations

The Swiss watchmaker company, RAYMOND WElL, further strengthened its luxury watch-making legacy in the country with the launch of a new shop in shop in Bangalore at the Mantri Square Mall. The brand recently revamped its Indian operations with the creation of its own 100% subsidiary company in Bangalore. In Bangalore, the shop in shop was inaugurated by Mr. Olivier Bernheim, CEO & President, RAYMOND WElL along with well-know cinestar Jennifer Kotwal. Bangalore's leading real estate tycoon and the mali's owner, Mr Sushi! Mantri, bought the first watch from the store. The brand's new showcase was launched in association with Zimsons, a leading watch dealer in South India. Inaugurating the shop in shop, Mr. Olivier Bernheim said, "India has long been part of the RAYMOND WElL history; having established a distribution network 30 years ago. The country's extremely rapid development and the clientele well-informed in watch making matters make India a priority today among the brand's international developments. Today, our family, along with our distribution affiliate RW India Pvt. Ltd, is committed to strengthening this association by enhancing the brand's presence and market visibility while offering refined luxury timepieces at attractive prices that reflect the evolution and creativity of RAYMOND WElL." "Bangalore is a fast-moving market and has shown enormous appetit for luxury products. The city's urbane and vivacious populace has a high recall of RAYMOND WElL as a brand and we expect a good response at one of the largest malls in Bangalore. I am pleased to be here with you in the city for the opening of this shop in shop, which marks a new step in the brand's developments in the country," added Mr Bernheim. RW India Pvt. Ltd was set up in June 2010 to confirm and realise RAYMOND WElL's grand ambitions in the country. The primary job of the subsidiary is to set up exclusive boutiques for the brand to showcase the RAYMOND WElL range and retailing experience to the brand's consumers. The brand also initiated its first exclusive RAYMOND WElL boutique in India - in Delhi - and a second just yesterday in Chennai with shop in shops in Hyderabad and Pune earlier this year.

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