Know your Fortune: Weekly Forecast

From: 12-07-12 To 18-07-12 By: Tarot Expert Manisha Koushik ARIES Lucky Number : 9, 6 Lucky Colour : Rose, Indigo Profession : At work you are likely to win appreciation and awards for past efforts. Family : Family front seems to go smoothly as you receive their full support to your plans. Finance : Financial position will improve later in the day. Romance : Love partner would be extremely supportive and in a loving mood. Health : Dont waste invaluable energy on building castles in the air. Travel: By traveling you will learn about new places, ultimately it’s a great deal for yourself. Property : Real estate is one thing on which you can rely on to invest. Miscellaneous : You succeed in getting rid of bad habits. TAURUS Lucky Number : 18, 7 Lucky Colour : Chocolate, Orange Profession : Today it would require some urgent & quick decisions to turn the tide in your favour at professional front. Family : Be very careful about what you say at family front. Finance : Avoid overspending and investments in dubious financial schemes. Romance : If possible, spend quality time with love partner to know & understand each other better. Health : To enjoy the richer grandeur of infinite life, make it more sublime by absence of worry, which is the first step in this direction. Travel: Are you longing to go on a vacation, consider your work also? Property : Dealings in property matters might depress you in context with financial matters. Miscellaneous : Learning the art of life would make life easier and peaceful. GEMINI Lucky Number : 4, 11 Lucky Colour : Dark Turquoise, Deep sky blue Profession : Lack of effective communication with subordinates could disappoint you. Family : Relatives will be oblivious in understanding your feelings today. Finance : Today investing money in stock market would fail to bring expected gains. Romance : L affair could create some personal problems. Health : A friend might test your tolerance power. Travel: Going to a business trip, beware- might have some problem. Property : Be careful as your long term investment plans are going to face some legal issues. Miscellaneous : You fail to realise the importance of reaching out to people at the time of need. Cancer Lucky Number : 1, 15 Lucky Colour : Maroon, Light Green Profession : New job opportunities for some will be better than expected. Family : Today you move with new excitement & confidence as you receive support from family and friends. Finance : A new financial deal gets finalized paving the way for fresh money. Romance : Your wit & charm would help in catching the attention of opposite sex. Health : Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains. Travel: Be ready to hang out with your friends. Property : It would be beneficial if you plan to buy a small property. Miscellaneous : Self-discipline enables easily managing emotions. Leo Lucky Number : 18, 17 Lucky Colour : Saffron, Light Blue Profession : Your creativity will amaze people around you besides enhancing career prospects. Family : You would prefer to relax and enjoy the company of family members in the evening. Finance : Monetary gains are likely to be from more than one source. Romance : Love life brightens your day. Health : Divine knowledge from a saintly person provides solace & comfort. Travel: Are you longing to go on a vacation then be ready for it? Property : Your investment on overseas plans might give some impact on your bank balance. Miscellaneous : Chances that carelessness could help hidden enemies to succeed in nefarious designs. Virgo Lucky Number : 2, 22 Lucky Colour : Silver, Blue Profession : You will be on the seventh heaven when you receive recognition for your achievements at work. Family : You would be the center of attraction at a social gathering that you attend especially with family. Finance : You get some financial rewards as dedication & hard work gets noticed. Romance : Your charm & generosity bring new romantic opportunities for you. Health : A cheerful state of mind would allow enjoying the perfect health. Travel: Its time to travel with innovative imagination. Property : Your income can be doubled by renting your house or a part of your house. Miscellaneous : You succeed in casting aside bad habits and negative thinking.   Libra Lucky Number : 3, 8 Lucky Colour : Purple, White   Profession : Use your strong determination & decision-making trait to face unusual & challenging situations with ease at professional front. Family : Take independent decisions and do not allow family members to decide: what to do or not. Finance : Extra caution & care seems to be the need of the hour especially in financial matters. Romance : Behave properly while going out with love companion. Health : Today your `lack of will might make it difficult to achieve your goals. Travel: Traveling alone sounds extrovert but your family might question your character. Property : Being too choosy in investing plans can loose the property you are looking for. Miscellaneous : Supporting contradictory opinions in friend circle would disappoint all. SCORPIO Lucky Number : 4, 5 Lucky Colour : Violet, Bottle Green Profession : Engineers are likely to find it very difficult/hard to complete the work on time. Family : Outsiders interference could cause strains in relations with spouse. Finance : Financial delay could slip a golden opportunity from hands. Romance : Being revengeful towards lover/beloved will only disappoint you. Health : You must realize your true potentials to regain self-confidence. Travel: Planning a trip is not what you want, try to implant them. Property : There are chances of disputes among the relatives regarding ancestral property. Miscellaneous : Blindly following others coupled with taking hasty decisions would compound personal problems.  SAGITTARIUS Lucky Number : 8, 9 Lucky Colour : Violet, Rose Profession : Make sure you keep team spirit going to achieve higher professional goals. Family : Relatives bring you unexpected gifts but also expect some kind of help from you. Finance : All investments need to be made with proper consultation to avoid losses. Romance : Dont forget to take some time for love partner. Health : You attain a bloom in health on sharing happiness with others. Travel: Traveling for a conference doesn’t mean that you forget travel etiquettes. Property : Investment has to be made keeping in mind about the area where your plot is. Miscellaneous : Make sure you behave politely & decently to everyone coming your way. Capricorn Lucky Number : 8, 4 Lucky Colour : Magenta, Dark Turquoise Profession : Success is certain provided you work as a team. Family : A promising day to plan things for your progeny. Finance : New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Romance : Warm romantic thoughts occupy mind. Health : Inexhaustible energy enables to participate in outdoor activities. Travel: Romance is in full bloom, a journey full of pleasure is your crave. Property : Inheriting property from your relatives seems to be ahead. Miscellaneous : Teaming-up with ambitious people would augur well for future. AQUARIUS Lucky Number : 5, 1 Lucky Colour : Turquoise, Light Red Profession : Unilateral decision at workplace would invite the anger of colleagues. Family : Domestic affairs clouding the mind could affect your enjoyment. Finance : Circumstances could force to take a loan. Romance : Disclosure of secret affair might create some problems at love front. Health : The feeling of restlessness could unnerve you. Better to imbibe positive thinking and increase physical activities to get rid from this. Travel: Instead of traveling alone its better to avoid it. Property : The deals which you are looking forward might be delayed due to increase in property rates. Miscellaneous : You continue to be resourceful and capable of achieving personal goals. PISCES Lucky Number : 4, 2 Lucky Colour : Violet, Lavender Profession : Your greatest gains will come through your creative ideas at professional front. Family : Parents and friends will do their best to keep you happy. Finance : Monetary gains from unplanned sources will brighten your day. Romance : You will be attracted to someone special. Health : Chances of recovering from physical ailment are high. Travel: Journey to some famous historical place sounds exciting to your kids. Property : Purchasing official accessories can lead to improve growth of your office. Miscellaneous : You devote much time for personal development. For more details call:  Tarot Expert Manisha Koushik:   09216141456  or visit  

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