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Today’s Forecast:28-6-2012

By: Tarot Expert Manisha Koushik

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Lucky Number : 8, 2

Lucky Colour : Parrot Green, Deep sky blue

Profession : Perseverance in pursuing professional objective would enable to achieve goals. However, you will have to plan some strategies supplemented by channelised energy to your assist continuous efforts to gain good results.

Family : Shopping with family would be immensely enjoyable. It will also increase the understanding between you.

Finance : Good day as investment progress by leaps & bounds. You need to invest the money in a regular income bond. Remember money begets money.

Romance : You feel the fragrance of love partner in his/her absence, which would keep you busy. Use the opportunity to in thinking the ways to strengthen this lovely relationship.

Health : Your sound mental health would enable to open the door for realisation of your hopes  & desires. Only thing required on your part is to keep an optimistic attitude and positive thinking to succeed.


Lucky Number : 6, 3

Lucky Colour : Navy Blue, Saffron

Profession : Fashion designers will have to keep an eye on market trends and the economic/social and environmental influences to enable themselves to develop advertising and marketing strategies. Further in-depth study on your part is required to fulfill your ambition.

Family : Times to fashion a sublime rhythm in life and learn the values of surrender and art of walking straight with love and gratitude in heart. It would immensely help in making family life more meaningful.

Finance : You need to handle all financial transactions carefully. Therefore a little foresightedness would be required in all transactions. Carelessness or short-time gain on your part would only invite a bleak financial position in coming days. To give a twice look at your investment would enable to make right decisions.

Romance : If possible, use some innovative methods to express love rather than just the usual red rose, cards or chocolates. You will be highly benefited by writing a small poem of your own and sending it to her/him. This will not only lift the mood of your partner but also infuse a spirit in affair.

Health : If suffer from any kind of stress, you should not ignore it because it is rapidly becoming an epidemic as serious as tobacco and alcohol


Lucky Number : 1, 4

Lucky Colour : Orange, Light Blue

Profession : Today is your day as far as professional front is concerned. It is likely to bring some monetary benefits for your efforts. For graphic designers joining some skill enhancement course would be beneficial.

Family : You are likely to act a peacemaker in the family. Give an ear to everyones problem to keep the things under control.

Finance : Flourishing business would bring rich dividends. You need to invest in new business projects individually to regain higher returns. Lending loans to someone would be in your interest.

Romance : Sharing candlelight dinner with partner would lift the spirit of both of you. You need to devote as much time as possible to make the happy relationship moving. Remember the more you put into your relationship the more you gain. Your efforts will definitely succeed.

Health : Today making mind receptive to positive emotions like love, hope, faith and optimism would enable you to succeed. Besides that these would enable you to enjoy the happiness of life.


Lucky Number : 8, 5

Lucky Colour : Metallic Blue, Sea Green

Profession : Support from colleagues would enable to chennalise your energy in positive direction. However, it is imperative to formulate some strategies to enable yourself to execute them with ease.

Family : Family is likely to encourage to get rid of smoking. It is right time to get rid of other bad habits too. Remember we should strike when the iron is hot.

Finance : A sound financial position would enable to live life luxuriously. Dont forget to help other people while enjoying it. Use the opportunity for your betterment.

Romance : Your hurried action could put your love life in jeopardy. Chances that you make things too messy to clear. Therefore think before doing anything so save this lovely relationship.

Health : A promising day to divert mind to spirituality to enable yourself to enjoy the sound of peace. You need to make it receptive to good ideas and discard negative emotions, which could vitiate mental peace.


Lucky Number : 9, 7

Lucky Colour : Purple, Golden Brown

Profession : At professional front, a desire to be successful will bring positive results. Keep your energy levels high supported by bold initiatives to succeed.

Family : Dont forget to appreciate familys achievement and rejoice success & good fortune. However be generous and sincere in appreciation. All this would contribute in peace and harmony at home.

Finance : Monetary gains in the form of shares dividend improves financial health. Investing it for further income would not be a prudent option. Rather spending it purchase a new home appliance would be a better investment.

Romance : If possible avoid going on a date with a stranger. It would therefore be in your interest to save yourself. Keep in mind that momentarily attraction can never buy you a real love.

Health : Your dream to attain mental toughness is not likely to materialise today. There are chances that your physical problems could come in the way thus depriving you from the opportunity. It is therefore time for you to keep yourself physically fit to succeed in your efforts.


Lucky Number : 11, 18

Lucky Colour : Peach, Sandy Brown

Profession : An important journey undertaken for work purpose is likely to bring positive results. Time now to just maintain the pace with the time to succeed.

Family : You are likely to make efforts to sort out personal problems by understanding eachothers point of view at family front. However avoid bringing them in public otherwise chances of defaming you are high.

Finance : An increase in household asset values like land/property would make financial position very sound. You need to keep them for future use. At the same time investing money in luxurious goods would be in your favour. Long term planning would be required to maintain the present position.

Romance : Do not allow lover/beloved to take advantage of the occasion as you go on your maiden date. You should use the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship rather than indulging in sensual pleasure.

Health : An opportune time to change yourself to make progress in life. This would enable you to save valuable energy from wasting. At the same time make efforts to improve your outlook and enhance mental faculties by new ideas.


Lucky Number : 1, 9

Lucky Colour : Peach, White

Profession : Your meditation programmes are likely to benefit at work enabling to handle many problems with ease. They would also bring self-development- resilience and transformation in you thus enhancing your productivity.

Family : You are likely to get some good news, which will not only enthrall you but also other family members. However, keep your excitement under control.

Finance : Your strong & vibrant financial position would help in rapidly expanding business. Investing money on long term projects would yield high dividend. Take other partners into confidence before expanding the business as unilateral decision on your part could annoy them.

Romance : Special day as it brings the gift of love in your life. It would make your life happier and give a meaning to it. You would find a company of a true friend, which is very rare.

Health : Good day to find out mental enemies and getting rid from them. Their occupancy in mind would snatch peace besides lowering the resistance power of body.


Lucky Number : 22, 11

Lucky Colour : Dark Slate Grey, Lavender

Profession : You encounter a tough workplace as you find it difficult to tolerate indiscipline & disorderliness around you. It would be better on your part to put things in order and motivate others to change themselves. However, a patience and analytical tool will be required on your part to succeed.

Family : You might find family front a little disturbing, as children fail to act to your liking. But you should restraint yourself and must use your rationale. Keep in mind that an uncontrolled anger usually hits everyone and the angry person most because it wastes energy and retards judgement faculty. Further it would only make the things more difficult for you. Thus taking the situation beyond your control.

Finance : Slump in financial sector could bring some monetary losses. It would be in your interest to avoid investment for the time being. Just wait the right time to bring good returns for your earlier investment also.

Romance : Blindly following romantic partner could harm your interest. You should rather use your discretion power in love to succeed. Is possible, plan something interesting to cement the bond.

Health : You are likely to suffer some mental tension, as ailments are hard to die. However, it would be in your interest not to let this affect you otherwise it would aggravate your problems. Better to imbibe positive thinking, which will not only divert attention but also enable to fight them.


Lucky Number : 15, 8

Lucky Colour : Turquoise, Dark Grey

Profession : Today you will need a careful planing coupled with your hard work to open the doors of professional success for yourself. It is very good time for you to go ahead with your field of activities to reap the benefits.

Family : Right time to disclose ambition to parents. Indications that they would fully support you. You also need to focus and make sure to work hard to achieve this.

Finance : Need to reorient your business strategies to gain from new opportunities. Taking advice from friends would allow you to spend the money on some lucrative projects. Initiate any action only after making sure to execute your plans safely.

Romance : A promising day to take lover/sweetheart to shopping and let him/her take his/her pick. This way he/she gets what he/she wants and you save an unnecessary fretting about - will he/she like it or not.

Health : You need to get rid of your feeling of hatred. Keep in mind that it not only undermines the tolerance power but also retards discretion power besides creating a permanent rift in relationship.


Lucky Number : 17, 6 Lucky

Colour : Light Grey, Turquoise

Profession : Quick and positive results are possible only if you are inquisitive and curious in your approach. Although you are basically a loner even then support from colleagues would not do any harm to you rather it would help you in achieving your goals.

Family : Besides personal life, dont forget to engage yourself in some charitable work. It will not only give you mental peace but would also make family proud. However you need to pay equal attention to both

Finance : Money-wise a very good day as all decisions even the wrong ones go in your favour. It will enable you to immensely improve your financial health. All your wishes will be fulfilled by this good fortune. Foresightedness on your part would be of paramount important to improve financial position.

Romance : To ignite the passion and lift the mood of lover/beloved say all the things that make him/her blush and ears burn with excitement. However, keep a control over your sensuous feelings and dont allow physical passion to come in relationship.

Health : Teeth problem could be a blessing in disguise for you today as it forces to divert attention to herbal medicines. It will enable you to make use of this strange gift of nature, which would help in purifying blood besides providing mental serenity.


Lucky Number : 15, 1

Lucky Colour : Crimson, Light Red

 Profession : Monotonous/repetitive task would make you quickly bored and fatigue today. It is time for you to involve yourself in some creative work to bring novelty in work.

Family : Family life could face some setbacks as you misuse personal relations to fulfill your expectations. Remember this kind of behaviour could annoy other members. You should rather make efforts to harmonise relations than misuse them because that would only complicate your problems.

Finance : You might blow your budget on planning to invest in a luxury goods to enhance your lifestyle. Need of a clear thinking on your part to save your money from evaporating. Further a changed lifestyle would fail to bring desired success at the cost of financial loses.

Romance : You bring happiness in the gloomy life of love companion. Chances that it brings a rainbow of hope and promise through the clouds of gloom for him/her. For him/her your presence would make the world a worthy place to live-in.

Health : Health is likely to remain at low ebb making you susceptible to allergy. However, it would be in your interest to keep yourself in a cheerful state to save yourself. Keep in mind that happiness is a tonic, which keeps all kinds of allergies a bay.


Lucky Number : 17, 15

Lucky Colour : Violet, Cream

Profession : Your ability to tackle difficult and intricate problems would brighten your chances at professional front. Keep working hard and keep your patience, you will definitely be rewarded for your efforts.

Family : Children would assist in completing household duties. It would be in your interest to encourage them to do these kinds of activities in their spare time.

Finance : Good business opportunity is likely to knock your doors today. Indications that investment is likely to fetch good returns provided you make mind to do so. However looking at all pros & cons before making final decision would be essential. You can try your luck by investing a small amount.

Romance : Love life is likely to teach you some important lessons. You might realise that love is not finding something to live with but its finding someone you cant live without. Therefore do something to keep the relationship moving.

Health : Retired persons bring joy and happiness back in their life as they give way to daily exercise. Besides keeping you engaged it would enables you to enhance your self-esteem and discipline.

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