Bangalore-  Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) and Bangalore University hosted  the fifth International Conference on Glocal Communication (ICGC) at Hotel Le Meridian, Bangalore. The theme of the conference is ‘Glocal Communication’ (Glocal is ‘Globalisation’ and ‘Localisation’ put together).  More than 200 academicians, intellectuals and dignitaries from all across the world attended the conference.

Honorable  Addl  Chief Secretary Shri. Jairaj , Shri Bharath Lal, IAS ,Chairman, BDA and Vice Chancellors of various universities including Shri Prabhudev ,Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University will grace the occassion.

The conference is aimed at creating a platform for intellectual scholars, professionals and students to discuss strategies that involve local, national and international public, non-profit actors and develop strategic framework for international relations, development, cultural balance and peace policy. Glocal Communication would be a new global system that could bring about balance of identities, cultures ad interests by a total impact reflected by the media.  The International Conference on Glocal Communication (ICGC) will also analyze the impact of glocalisation and media on the cultural identity of different regions of the world. The conference also focuses on the process leading to commitment, decision and implementation of glocalisation.

ICGC is exclusively supported by Bangalore University, Karnataka Media Academy, Press Club of Bangalore and Karnataka State Journalism & Communication Teacher’s Association.

Commenting about the conference, Mr. M B Jayaram, Chief Mentor, PRCI & Chairman Emeritus, said, “In the fast paced world of technology, ICGC will aim to create a platform to promote and foster communication and collaboration between global researchers, academia and media. Also, it will study and analyze the impact of Glocalization and media on the cultural identity of different regionals of the world and on its international relations. He also added, “This will throw some light on the experiences of various nations about media Glocalization.

The conference will  also cover topics like media and glocalisation, glocalisation and world peace, glocalisation and development, traditional media versus digital media, CSR, visual literacy, PR strategies, crisis communication etc.

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